Chapter 11

After my near- death experience, I had to take a few minutes to restore my treasured saneness. Only then did I see a black back pack lying on the ground right where the boy had stood. Picking up the bulky book bag, I carefully, as if I were deactivating a bomb, opened it. Thank goodness, there was no bomb inside. All there was inside was a piccolo w/ music, 2 dark-as-night outfits, a timer, a little black journal w/ pen, and a note. The note said this:

Dear Grace and Alice,
I have helped to save both of your lives, so in return, please save mine. I am being held as a slave by the sorcerers. Inside this pack are the tools you’ll need to help me. The black outfits will help you blend in at night. The piccolo and music will put monsters asleep AND help you gain the trust of sorcerers. The journal and pen are sort of like a telephone. I have one as well, so whatever we write in it will be sent to the other person. Lastly, the timer shows the amount of time until the portal opens for Grace. Hurry-you’re my only hope.
P.S. - One other reason you should save mwa- besides the fact that it would really SUCK for me- I can fly.

Chapter 12

After my luncheon (Or it might have been supper or breakfast- there is no way to tell time here.) I realized that I had missed something important that the girl did. Now I could see her carefully flying and weaving in and out of the trees. In her hand was a timer that said ten seconds. What does that mean? I thought, watching the seconds count down. She arrived in a forest clearing and stopped to catch her breath just as the timer went off. Suddenly, a large whirlpool-like portal appeared out of the ground of the clearing. This girl jumped through the portal without hesitation and was swallowed by the ground.

Chapter 13

You know when people say: “Wouldn’t it be fun to bungee jump off the top of the Empire State Building?” or “I wish I could free fall from the sky,”? Well, I have, and let me tell you, it wouldn’t be fun, ‘cause all you’d be thinking is Ahhhhhhh! I’m going to die! Take this from the girl who has fallen into a portal deeper than the Empire State building and the sky combined- without a parachute or bungee cord. My flying powers wouldn’t even work! When I saw the bottom of the wormhole, I thought I’d be a pancake for sure. But as the distance between death and I lessened, my decent slowed, and I softly landed on bright green grass. My mouth making a big fat O, I quickly got up, brushed myself off, and shut my mouth so that it wouldn’t collect flies. About 50 feet in front of me were pearl doors. I cautiously tip-toed forward, I opened the doors and stepped inside.

Chapter 14

I heard a door open behind me and turned 180 degrees. The girl I had watched through the mirror stood right in front of me. I dashed forward, a huge smile on my face, and we hugged. Yes, I hugged a complete stranger. I don’t care if that is really bad of me.
“You’re Alice?” she asked loosening her embrace.
“Yes, and who might you be?” I questioned eagerly.
“Grace. I’ve been looking all over for you! You don’t have a need to be dead anymore,” she explained, grinning, “Here, put these on.”
She handed me an outfit of complete darkness.
“What for?” I questioned.
“We have one other person to save, and we need to be disguised in the darkness,”
We quickly changed into the clothing, and Grace pulled out a black journal and pen and started to write in it. She wrote-

Dear Nicolas,
We’ve decided to help. How do we find the sorcerers?


P.S. - Do you have a nickname?

After she wrote it, a new message appeared. It was from Nicolas:

Grace and Alice-
Thank you so much for wanting to help! When you see black obsidian double doors, you’re almost there!

P.S. - My nickname is Nico.

Grace and I both looked up and spotted the doors. Dashing over, we pulled the two doors open, and they creaked. They obviously hadn’t been used for a while. Clutching each others’ hand, we stepped through to our potential doom, into the hands of Fate.

Look for the Next
Other World
Volume 2-
The Dilemma
Of The Check -Marked Dead

Chapter 1

Scared. Exhilarated. Joyful. Disoriented. Guilty. Those are the emotions that I feel right now, swirling in on big confused storm in my mind. My stomach is twisted into knots, and I feel butterflies in there as well. If you read me and Grace’s previous journal, you’ll know why I feel these things. If not, well, we don’t write these journals for nothing!
When Grace and I first stepped through the obsidian doors, I felt like puking. These doors are actually portals, which are much walking into darkness and suddenly falling in a bottomless pit. Lovely. Grace and I landed on the black grass of the sorcerers’ estate alive, thank goodness (I just came back from the dead, and I don’t want to got back too soon!) but not unscathed, since each got a good amount of bruises from the trip. Slowly we got off our rumps and started trudging towards a dark forest to camp for the night. We chose a clearing well hidden in the trees.
I started a fire while Grace went to scout the area. After a few minutes I found a rabbit, which was already limping, and quickly killed it. I was about to call Grace back when I heard an earsplitting, shrill scream.
“Grace?” I called uncertainly, and then I started to scream her name, “GRACE! Where are you? GRACE!” When I went to where I heard the scream, Grace was no where to be found, except for a trail of blood.

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