Wreak O' Rama - Meteor Hammer
Wild! Crazy! Destructive!

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Style History:
The meteor hammer could be easily concealed as a defensive or surprise weapon, being of a flexible construction. The primary advantage for using a meteor hammer was (in a similar way to the nunchaku) its sheer speed. It acquired its name because it was said to strike "as fast as a meteor".

Using a meteor hammer involves swinging it around the body to build up considerable speed, before releasing the meteor to strike at any angle. Since the meteor has two heads, one could be used offensively, while the other could be used to defend, parrying attacks or ensnaring an opponent's weapon to disarm them. When used by a skilled fighter, its speed, accuracy and unpredictability make it a difficult weapon to defend against. While being swung, a meteor may be wrapped around its user's arms, legs, torso, neck or waist, before being unwrapped by a powerful jerk of the body to deliver a devastating and lightning fast punch. A master is fully capable of striking, ensnaring or strangling from a distance.

The double-headed meteor hammer is typically 2–3 meters in length (traditionally 2 meters) with a spherical head on each end. While the ends of the meteor hammer can be heavier than a rope dart head, the difference in weight is not normally great. Some meteor hammer versions have heads which are much lighter than most rope dart heads. The lighter versions of this weapon are typically used for practice and for modern wu shu displays since they are faster and less dangerous.

The single-headed version of this weapon is used in a similar manner to the rope dart in that it is a long reach weapon with a single head. The main difference between the single headed meteor hammer and a rope spear is that traditionally the meteor hammer has an end shaped similar to an egg or melon. The single end can traditionally weigh up to 3 kg and is attached to a rope that can be 5 meters in length (in contrast a rope dart is typically 3.6 meters long). Because of these traits, a single headed meteor hammer can be a very effective weapon, despite being very difficult to control. In modern times, this version is rarely studied or taught since a weapon of this nature isn't needed and is very complex to learn. The double headed version is flashier and better known.

Rules for Style:
• Single-Head Method: Much more complex to learn but has a heavier head and strikes deal more damage. Combos cannot be used as well as the double-head method but generally overpowers single targets if they're hit. Sometimes inaccurate.
• Double-head method: While each individual ball is not as heavy as the single head method, it makes up for this in speed and fluidity. Combos are devastating and are preferred with this method.

• Must choose one of the two methods as two require different disciplines and training.
• This is a two-handed style, even the single head style cannot be used efficiently with one hand for many techniques require manipulation of the chain.
• Discipline is required as this is based off an actual martial art, learning this takes an additional post despite any and all reductions.

Style Strengths:
• Range
• Speed - Double Head / Power - Single Head
• Unpredictable

Style Weaknesses:
• Difficult to learn
• Range - Getting close is deadly to the user
• Uncontrollable at times

Techniques List:

Stage One
xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Lash out
xxxxxxE ▪ Physical Method ▪ 5
xxxxxx▪ A simple linear attack used by the Meteor Hammer. Typically involved with the use of the double headed style, it can be very well be used just as easily with a single head. By grabbing one end of the chain the user swings their arm forward as if using a whip and snaps the heavy ball forward. This is used for striking the center mass or in a linear matter, snapping back is harder for the single head as for the double head can be used in a combo. This technique can also be used by kicking the chain as well as they would to normally fling the weapon.

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Storm from Above
xxxxxxD ▪ Physical Method ▪ 10
xxxxxx▪ This powerful attack involves a wide overhead arc, resulting in a vertical strike. Difficult to counter, but relatively easy to dodge, this attack can be repeated a number of times, similar to the technique used with a Bō. Basically the user swings their arm over their own head for the meteor hammer to rise up and gain momentum before slamming down in a vertical swipe. As stated, it is easy to dodge but hard to block.

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Grab
xxxxxxD ▪ Physical Method ▪ 10
xxxxxx▪ A correctly placed throw can cause the meteor to wrap itself around an object and grab it. If done correctly, the meteor will wrap over itself and ensnare a weapon, an object or even an opponent's limb. Alternatively, if the meteor does not wrap over itself, it can be used to spin an object, providing a helpful way of swiftly disorienting an opponent.

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Strike from afar
xxxxxxE ▪ Physical Method ▪ 5
xxxxxx▪ A meteor may be thrown, while holding one of the heads to enable its retrieval. This is a highly unpredictable form of attack, often used effectively to catch an opponent off guard. A throw can be initiated quickly and efficiently by a skilled fighter, with a simple pull in the correct direction.

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Swinging Pendulum
xxxxxxE ▪ Physical Method ▪ 5
xxxxxx▪ The swing is a simple side attack, capable of tripping an opponent. A basic move to learn, but a difficult one to master, being as a horizontal swing can very easily backfire and injure the one wielding the meteor. This is a simple lashing attack

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Power Smash
xxxxxxC ▪ Fusion Method ▪ 20
xxxxxx▪ A type of unorthodox motion used with both the single and double meteor. By working the chain at key points, energy is released from the body and into the meteor about to be in use and augments it with volatile energy. Through this, a simple swing of the hammer can do what it normally could not such as crushing rock and breaking apart wooden doors not including bones, flesh and even dent weak metal.

Stage Two
xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Fissure
xxxxxxD ▪ Fusion Method ▪ 10
xxxxxx▪ A simple technique that uses the meteor hammer in terms of raw power and magic in one technique. Starting up the momentum, the user flings the chain in circular motion before striking the ground. Similar to how Quake works, the technique ruptures the ground but in a linear path to which it divides in two. This creates a small crevice going from three to five feet deep and a few inches at the origin to six feet in width as it travels to a maximum of ten feet.

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Shockwave
xxxxxxC ▪ Fusion Method ▪ 20
xxxxxx▪ By circling the meteor hammer, the user channels energy into their weapon. Again by striking the ground, the meteor hammer breaks apart the earth but in a different matter. This time the user would strike the ground first and then follow it up with an additional swipe of the meteor. A ripple effect will occur along the ground by which soil and loose rocks will 'roll' about four feet high to batter an opponent and engulf them under the soil and loose rock.

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Geyser
xxxxxxB ▪ Fusion Method ▪ 40
xxxxxx▪ Wi

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Storming of Rock
xxxxxxC ▪ Fusionl Method ▪ COST HERE
xxxxxx▪ By slamming one head of the meteors, the user ejects energy through the weapon and into the ground. This breaks apart smaller chunks of rock and soil which will clump together to the meteor head. This increases the size of the meteor hammer by the

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Quake
xxxxxxA ▪ Fusion Method ▪ 80
xxxxxx▪ With a spin and a vertical strike into the ground, the explosive force in the meteor head sends out a violent energy wave into the ground. This breaks apart the rock and earth in a twenty foot radius. It emulates the effects of an earthquake and causes rocks and earth chunks to jut up around the user's radius while giving a violent shaking effect.

xxx▪ Techniques Name ⊰ Crater Creator
xxxxxxS ▪ Fusion Method ▪ COST HERE

( There is a minimum of at least 6 Techniques for each Stage. )