Well, I woke up this morning, and it felt like a fridge. And I was cold, so I put on some warm clothes, but no matter where I went, it was always cold. Then I had a bad sore throat, so I drank so Caprisun, and as the little blonde I am, I noticed that I am not supposed to drink anything cold with a sore throat. I had major headaches, and I was also on my period, so big-a** cramps. I never felt so much pain in my life, seriously. The sore throat went on and off, but I was dizzy, and I had the hugest migraines. I was also tired. I even went to the nurse, but I couldn't do much to get better there. I had a 98.8 temp when I got there, layed down for 10 minutes, and the it went down to 98.2 . I didn't feel any better. When I got to my next class, I knocked out.

What else could go wrong? Oh, well, terrible cramps and body aches to the point where I couldn't do anything and I was extremely uncomfortable in the middle of class. Then it started to hurt even more after class, since I had to walk, I walked even more slower than usual to lunch. Then I just layed there, with on and off cramps and migraines. I even pissed one of my friends off in the morning because I PMSed too much. Then in my next period, PE, we just sat at the bleachers. Not entirely comfortable, but towards the end of class, my friend let me lay on her lap, and I was able to lay down and be comfortable for a bit. Then when we got up, my stomach started hurting so much again. And then it got hard to breathe. Climbing up the stairs was even more painful. I got to my final class period, and asked to go to the nurses office once again. I was about to cry because it hurt so bad. I couldn't breathe, it hurt to breathe. I went, and I was about to break down. I told the nurse if I could go home, and then, well, she checked my temp, there was no fever, but it felt like it. Called mom, and layed down and cried to myself for a bit, then the pain went away completely for a few minutes. Then on the way home, it came back, and i took some aspirin and went to sleep for 2 hours.
And, well, I'm feeling feverish again at the moment. I shouldn't drink pepsi when I'm sick. Ugh.