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Dr. Alessandro Alonzo Anderson
Doctor Alessandro Alonzo Anderson

User ImageDespite being born into wealth and power, Dr. Anderson learned at a very young age that money can’t quite buy everything he wanted or needed. Born with a crippling leg disease that his father, Ashby Anderson feared would devastate the family reputation (already being at stake for being unable to produce heirs to their estate until now), tried desperately to hide. Desperate for a cure that remained as organic looking as possible, his father enrolled him in the G-Corp clinical trials around the same time a young Casey Reid came wandering in.

The Anderson’s wealth had assured the couple that their son would receive the latest biotechnology that involved internal cybernetics to enhance muscular function and bone density appropriate for a growing boy.

It was in G-Corp that young Alessandro met the red haired cyborg who was not as fortunate as him. Taken aback by her eternal optimism, the curious (and often isolated) boy became fast friends with her and it was during a session of watching her tag him and running away laughing that he had found the motivation to try out his new legs away from secrecy in his room, chasing after her and pulling her tail when he wobbly tried to catch up. It was the start of a secret friendship for the both of them. The two had given each other code names, feeling that this would make their secret safer. Alessandro was called “Triple A” due to the mouthful of a namesake and Casey called herself “Double C,” short for Cybernetic Casey, obviously.

From Casey, Alessandro was shocked to learn what lay outside his sheltered and luxurious world, and Casey found it breathtaking to make a real friend that wasn’t her twin. The two made a pact, afraid of what their family would say, especially with Casey’s exaggerated tales about her twin who was ferociously protective of her and would not approve. Alessandro had a sinking feeling that his father would not like this street ruffian and resolved to enjoy the time he had with her, despite being a few years older than Casey.

The two eventually parted ways, not meeting up again until Casey began medical school. It was here that Alessandro began to realize he had developed feelings stronger than friendship and how much he missed her bubbling and insatiable curiosity that made her seem so much more empathetic to individuals than many other doctors. He had already begun to experiment and flirt with the idea of being a plastic surgeon, determined to prove his father wrong instead of joining the family business as expected of a son of a wealthy empire involving moving and transporting components for Alchemy.

The two courted in medical school and it wasn’t until after her friend’s death that Casey began to reveal what Charlie had done to her. Horrified, Alessandro wanted to do his best to protect her and well…wanting to make her feel beautiful instead of hideous as she claimed she did. Working with a biochemical engineer buddy, he managed to concoct a serum that, under the right heat, would illuminate and paint her skin in any pattern she chose. Taken aback by this offer, Casey declined at first before later consenting to the procedure, insisting that Alessandro would be the only one touching her. She chose a rose, one of her favorite flowers as the design she wanted to have imbedded within her.

Eventually, Alessandro had to leave to go to his residency program at one of the blossoming plastic surgery clinics in Gambino that hoped to rival Skin Tyte’s. He still came to visit her until she graduated. Whispers echoed through the halls that he’d proposed to her, but it was never confirmed for sure.

Casey had gone to do interspecies studies and traveled to other communities in Gaia to continue her practice as a resident doctor quite quickly after her graduation. And when there was no news about a new Mrs. Anderson to accompany the newly certified Doctor Anderson as he began his practice as a hired surgeon in Gambino, gossiping tongues about the mysterious, quiet and slender woman who had caught the dashing blond man’s eyes soon occupied themselves elsewhere, namely with the destruction of the Gambino family (again).

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