I knew something was up. But it has gone further than I like. I've only been keeping it at bay even with all my forces. It just isn't enough anymore. My kingdom will fall again if I can not stop this. But perhaps I should explain the danger. An alien race of parasitic beings have invaded my home. It started out with just a few of my subjects in the deepest corners of my planet. There were fights and crimes committed and things were in chaos. I thought I had it under control but...I guess I thought wrong. I let my guard down and they got smart. It has now inched its way through to some of the major areas and is closer to the capital than I even realized. They cause the people's anger and violent reactions to boost beyond their limits. Cause my people to fight each other and hurt each other over nothing and then, when they are too weak to fight, they will destroy the body or it will destroy itself and then they will use it for food and populate the area for their own. This must stop or else all I have will be gone.