Chapter 8

I watch this girl through the mirror and wonder: ‘Is she coming for me? Is there a chance to breathe the wonderful air again?’ I ingrained every detail of her journey into my mind, and was awed when she first entered the jungle. All the life in it; I’d never seen so much wild life in one place, and I never think I’ll see as much again. But I caught my breath when the snake appeared and twisted itself around her. She’d writhed in pain. It was terrifying to watch, and I was about to turn away. But. Then. The boy appeared.
This boy was tall and rather handsome, but his image seemed to shimmer in the air, as if he were a holograph. His eyes bore into those of the snake menacingly, as if the snake was his nemesis. Silently I urged him to get rid of the snake, and save this girl. He raised his head as if to look at me, and I really do think he saw me, but I don’t see how that is possible. This girl didn’t see me when I looked at her through the mirror, but the boy did. He must be special.
His eyes bore into mine, and I saw so much through them. Grief, desire, hope, and maybe he felt a little lost too. Did I know him? He seemed familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Chapter 9

The snake really felt disgusting. On the top part you see it may look clean, but the bottom was where the mud and dirt was caked on heavily. Plus, the soft, rubbery skin was not the most pleasant thing to feel. It may have been totally gross, but I don’t think I was focusing on that at the moment, since I was about to die. Whenever I struggled against the beast, it would tighten its grip. So, I was helpless during my death. I’d always wanted to die fighting, but the snake wasn’t giving me many options. The only two were: Struggle and have a painful death or sit there nicely and let the snake eat you. Neither was very appealing.
I’ll die helpless in a puddle of tears. Things could be worse.
Suddenly I saw something shimmer, and this holograph of a boy appeared. This boy had jet black eyes, which were rather depressing, and his shaggy black hair hung in his face. He seemed entirely dark for he wore black clothes-leather boots, jacket, even his pants were black, but his skin was a pale white, as if he’d seen a ghost.
“Boa, come,” he ordered sternly. The snake untangled itself, and with a sour look, disappeared with the boy.

Chapter 10

I watched this boy study both me and the girl, I felt a sudden shock. I recognized both of these people from my home, before the war. There had been a picture of three toddlers, and just now I realized that this was my trio. How they had gotten us together for the picture was a mystery, but at least now I recognized my trio.
I watched as the boy disappeared with the snake.

“Thank God!” I yelled to myself. “He saved her!” I’d just watched this girl almost be strangled to death and then saved by a dreary and dismal boy. For the seventieth time, I sighed with relief. She could now come to, well, save me. I had know idea if I was happy or neutral about being saved. I mean, I’ve never been saved in my life. I’d been the best fighter-wait, excuse me- the general of our largest army, and I’d always been the one doing the saving. Not even Eric had gotten a chance to save me. He’s of equal ranking to mwa, but was never in the right place at the right time to save my nugget.
On the other hand, I kind of needed saving. It was my destiny to save our world. My army needs me, so I think I’ll sleep on this decision.
Actually, no, I’m not tired. I think I’m happy to be saved. I mean, aren’t I happy to be able to be alive again? I started to pace, not paying attention to the mirror. That was a mistake for I didn’t see her pick up the black book bag. I’m feeling hungry. They really need to have food in this dull field.
Suddenly, a field of strawberries appeared out of nowhere on the field. I was totally shocked, but didn’t waste time in eating what seemed like a bin of strawberries.