It's raining on a cloudy day. The sound of the water drops hitting the floor is everywhere and a hooded figure watches in silence. The figure takes in the view from the terrace, observing as the rain continues and lightning strikes every once in a while. Out of nowhere, a strange-looking cat appears, walking toward the figure. It is completely black,
with large ears and purple eyes that seem to peer into your soul. On it's front legs are bracelets with what appear to be runes and on it's tail, a small scythe protrudes at the end.

"Is it time yet, my Lord?", the hooded figure asks the cat, petting it's head and scratching behind the ears.

The cat nods no and licks its front paw, ignoring the sound of thunder coming from the distance. The figure resumes watching the outside, contemplating what the kingdom looks like on sunny days. Here in the kingdom of the gods, it was usually sunny, the kingdom seeming to have its own reflecting glow fighting against the sun. The figure pondered this as the cat walked on the terrace, using it's balance carefully so as not to fall off. Again, lightning strikes and hits a nearby building. The figure is amused at this and seems to experience a slight bit of nostalgia as they watch. Then the cat meows and purrs as it jumps off the terrace, landing next to the figure's legs.

"Kuroshi, is it time now?"

The cat nods yes and the figure removes the hood, revealing the youthful face of a girl. Her eyes are as blue as the
morning sky and her silver hair twinkles like moonlight. She smiles at Kuroshi, the cat by her side and climbs on to the terrace, letting the cat climb up on her shoulders. She feels the raindrops hit her face, enjoying the feeling and jumps off the terrace, landing expertly on the rooftop below. She pulls her hood back up, jumping from roof to roof, careful not to let Kuroshi fall off her shoulders. Ignoring the sound of thunder, she continues jumping until she arrives at a very tall building.

She climbs to the top, moving like an expert climber without failing a single step. Once she arrives at the top, she lets Kuroshi jump off her shoulders as she pulls back her hood once more. The rain has stopped and the clouds are slowly dissipating, revealing a full moon hiding behind. She sits down, letting the cat sit on her lap. She reaches into her large bag and pulls out some water lilies, what she remembers as her mother's favorite flowers. She looks at the moon, reaching through her memories and thinking of her mother.

"Silly, isn't it, Mom? It's been years since you've been gone and the moon still looks as beautiful as it did when you were alive.",
she whispers, holding the flowers close to her chest. Kuroshi meows, expressing his eagerness to continue with the small ceremony. The girl playfully scratches behind Kuroshi's ears, whispering that she won't continue if he refuses to be patient. She resumes wandering through her memories, going back to the time when she and her brother were young children and their mother was alive. She goes back to the time when their mother took them to the place where their parents met and how she began telling them how it was that they fell in love. They both listened with eager eyes as she described their first meeting. The girl smiles at the story, picturing every single moment their mother describes. As their mother finishes, she lets them play in the water as she watches them. While she watches, she begins to sing a melody...

"Sleep now, child of mine,
for the moon is now in the sky.
The birds are no longer singing,
and you've got to let go of your feelings...."

The girl remembers the melody and continues singing...

"The moon with it's silver lining,
who will ever be shining,
sings to you, baby of mine,
for this song will last forever in time.

Now go to sleep,
in the waters of the deep,
and think of me,
for your heart will always be free.

Sleep now, child of mine,
you'll see, it will all be fine.
Sleep now, in the stars above,
you'll be there, won't you, my love?

This song calls to you,
it will always be true.
Just like the moon...
...I'll be with you soon..."

Tears flow from her eyes as she finishes singing. It's a memory she will always hold dear to her heart. Kuroshi lifts up a paw and points at the moon, perfectly glowing in the middle of the night sky. The girl smiles at the cat and lets the wind blow the water lilies away, watching as they fly with the wind, slowly dancing their way into the sky.

"Happy anniversary, Mom..."