I've really been craving a Gladiator themed romance.

Here's the starter I have

From the shaded platform at the top of the arena the Dominus and Domina sat and watched as their prized gladiator won yet another fight and brought coin and respect to their household

"more wine slave" the Domina said holding her glass for the slave girl to pour wine in it.

Stepping forward and keeping her eyes down cast Lily poured wine into her mistresses cup. Stepping back she looked down into the area at the gladiator and gave a small smile. She was happy to see that he had won again.Not only for the fact that when he won was their dominus happy but because of all the gladiators her dominus owned he was her personal favorite. Whenever she had brought him fresh water to wash with or wine after he won he never said a mean word to her.

"slave..you will take our champion fresh wine and also have a few of the other slaves help you fill a tub of mineral water for him. You will take him fruit and even some cheese. Make sure his needs are taken care of for he will be fighting again soon". the dominus said dismissing the girl "yes dominus" she said bowing her head and hurrying off to do as he asked.