What do I want to do in the future? What am I going to do with my life? I honestly have no idea how to answer these questions. I mean, I go to university for an education. Then after that I find a job. And then I work, make a family then die. Is that how my life is going to be like? I've never asked myself these questions in the past. I guess now that I'm in university and now that I'm 19 (last year as a teen) I start to think about things that I've never thought about before. I could be exaggerating. Then again, I am still a teenager, we tend to exaggerate at times.
In high school they told me that the real world starts once you leave school. It's true. What they didn't tell you is that the real world sucks. I want to live in my fantasy world. Or any fantasy world for that matter. Take me away to Hogwarts. Someone give me a Pokemon. I want to go to the Digital World and have a Digimon partner. Let's go on The Black Pearl and search for treasure. Anything is better than what I currently have to put up with.