Simba: Lion

Nala: Gift

Mufasa: King (Manazoto language)

Scar: No meaning, although his real name is said to be Taka meaning "want, waste".

Timon: derives from the Greek word, Timothy meaning "honoring God"

Pumbaa: Foolish, Silly

Rafiki: Friend, Comrade

Zazu: Movement (Hebrew)

Sarabi: Mirage

Sarafina: Bright Star

Shenzi: Barbarous

Banzai: Lurk

Ed: No meaning

Kiara: Small, dark thing (Irish language)

Kovu: Scar

Vitani: Demon of War (Vitani has no definite meaning in Swahili although vita- means "war", and -ani is mostly commonly used in the word, shetani, meaning "demon". So, Vitani is a portmaneau of demon of war.)

Nuka: Smell, Stink

Zira: Hate

More interesting Lion King things:

Upendi does not mean love. Funnily enough, Upendi means "Not." Yes, "Not." Like, "I'm Upendi going to the movies."

HOWEVER, Upendo DOES mean love. Maybe they thought "In Upendi" sounded catchier?

Also, Hakuna Matata actually means "No problem." Hakuna Wasiwasi means "No worries."