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Personal records and stories
These entries are just entries of whatever I choose to write in them, I don't really plan on making any stories unless I feel like it.
Concept idea: Fluffsonas
This was a bit of an idea I've been wondering about for a bit recently. This idea involves the idea of what if there were those fluffs that represent Gaia users who can shift between fluff form and humanoid(not limited to just human) form? I've been discussing it a little with my friend Crys, also known as CrystalRoseFox-Wolf here on Gaia, and she seems to be interested as well. This idea I was thinking would be used for the World of Fluffs guild as a roleplay that would be forum based, but without knowing what sorts of ideas would work with this, anything written here is just temporary, a concept waiting to be made.

Effectively, I was thinking of having the idea of participants in the guild be active before they can get a fluffsona, and even then, they have to be really active to be able to create a fluffsona of a type that is of their own creation. It's either that or while they can create a fluffsona, they have to be active enough to be able to have a fluffsona that is of their own creation. As far as I'm concerned, in this guild, Crys and I are the only ones active enough to have a fluffsona if I were to use this idea as of this moment. And we've kinda discussed a bit about what our fluffsonas would be if we were to go with it, but they aren't really complete. Also, there may be changes made later on.

My profile:
Name: Mist Truthseeker (Last name may be changed)
Age(humanoid self): 17, or 18 if my birthday comes before this idea is launched
Gender: female
Humanoid being(human, vampire, etc.): Artificial human
Fluff type(main, alternate if main is fanmade): Spectral Fluff, Coral Fluff - Eye (effectively like the fluffs that hang around the Eye in Shallow Seas)
Abilities: As a humanoid, her abilities include summoning orbs and/or panels of a crystalline light (think Radiant Prism for a reference in terms of Gaia items), can launch them as projectiles and/or use them as shields, and can project her thoughts onto said orbs and panels, but depending on what's displayed, can potentially be mistaken for clairvoyance or predicting the future as fortune tellers and/or seers do, but she can NOT see the future. She just has an imagination that can let her imagine the possibilities.
Favorite foods: Pizza, soda, Nachos (specifically taco chips and a mild-to-medium spicy cheese sause, sometimes with salsa, occasionally with sour cream, and maybe other things as well from time to time), Gingercream cookies, hot chocolate. Yeah, she seems to like Junk food, but she also likes Mangoes a bit.
Other notes: If the Guild itself exists in the world, Mist is the vice-captain of it, and she used to be able to communicate with the captain, but ever since she stopped coming, Mist found herself having to effectively run the guild without the captain's input and direction. She is an experiment to see if it was possible to create beings that can shift between fluff and human form and thus, be able to communicate with the real fluffs. She might develop feelings for Raven, but as a result, would feel rather awkward around him for a bit.

Crys's profile:
Name: Raven
Age(humanoid self): 20
Gender: Male (looks like a flat chested female though)
Humanoid being(human, vampire, etc.): vampire
Fluff type(main, alternate if main is fanmade): Cave fluff, Crystal Fluff
Abilities: As a vampire, her abilities include summoning shadows to help him out
Favorite food(s): Blood (tries to tone it down), apples
Other notes: Is a member of the World of Fluffs guild, and it's been considered that he and Mist start off as friends there, but that it could develop into a romance.

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commentCommented on: Mon May 27, 2013 @ 02:15am
I Like this idea a lot <3

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