With the cross upside down it starts now, was all little Val could think to himself. He stands there by the corpses of his dismembered family members. His older sister missing her arms, his mother missing her tits and eyes, and his father's face is a bloody beaten pulp. Val looks down at his own fingers he can't believe he has done this. He can't bring himself to remember this atrocity. "Don't worry my son they weren't your real family", Val begins to hear voices. He's looking around his families' den it's decorated how most housewives would want their homes decorated. He has his mom to thank for this. Val stares at the cross in his left hand and the hammer in his right hand. He drops the hammer on his Father's face and pulls the knife from his Mother's face. Val hangs the cross above the family fireplace upside down, and beings to cut Satan's symbol onto his left hand. Bleeding he places his hand on the cross, and blacks out. "That's it my son, don't worry. Relax sleep it off. Tell yourself this was all my doing. Now you will rise from the ashes a monster, beautiful and majestic. They would call you a Phoenix, but don't be mistaken you're Daddy's little daemon." Val awakens crying the next morning from this dream. "Val sweet heart what's the matter?" His mother cries out as she walks into Val's room. Val looks up at his mother, and she looks the way she was in his dream. His new eyes in effect. He looks up at the ceiling and sees the symbol of his destiny. "Nothing mother I'm sorry to have caused a commotion" Val says getting out of bed. He knows now what must be done.