Welcome ~ Here's what going on in my life shall we ~

Ahh yes , it's that time of year . End of the year dance heart As a leadership student , I must attend or i get deducted points , gonk But I get to go for free & Free food . Who the heck doesn't want free food . Anyways , My crush asked me to be his date . Obviously , I said yes . emotion_bigheart Me and "My crush" Anthony , kept sending each other PM's . heart It was going perfect . It was like we were going out rofl heart Almost too good to be true . Then one day , while we were doing a " Heart War " Something he told me made me feel like I'm just 'a girl' . . . He told me who he likes , My close friend Angel . He said , and i quote " I'm sowwy babe . But i still love you " . Even though he said that to me , I feel like that just kinda ruined the chances of us going out . Did i forget to mention that Anthony is my ex ? Yea , go ahead . Say that i shouldn't go back out with my ex , But i cannot help myself . He's so perfect . I don't know at this point , You may think I'm making a big deal about this , but if you were me , you'd understand why . Anyways , I just wish he knew that him liking someone else while he knows how i feel hurts me so much . Again , you may say that he's not worth it & i'd probably deserve better , but to be honest , He's all i want . He was my light . Not the only light . But he was the brightest . I love him /. Ugh im so lost now . I'll write more later ~