"Mr Anderson Hummel" the two female reporters asked, smiling at the guy on their couch. Blaine had just finished shooting for the movie a month ago and now, privately, he and Kurt were thinking about the possibility of raising a child together. Blaine had been almost over excited about the idea of it, but, perhaps because of his memories of Burt, Kurt had been onboard too. The thing was that they weren't telling anyone yet.

Blaine nodded and took a sip of the water in front of him.

"As you know with gay marriage now legal in thirty five of the fifty states, many couples are getting married and then adopting. There have been some studies even that show with the increase of same-sex couple there are more children in happier, healthier environments. So, our question," the brunette smiled, "Have you and your husband discussed a baby Anderson-Hummel?"

Blaine looked at the women, inside he wanted to smile and just tell everyone of what he and Kurt wanted to do, but because they hadn't discussed the ins and outs of it and especially since they hadn't decided in what way they were going to get the child, Blaine remained quiet. "I think perhaps in the future that wouldn't be out of the question but right now we have no concrete plans."

The red haired girl smiled softly, "Would you use the swirl? Or would you, as the dad figure, give the sperm to an egg donor."

Blaine looked quite surprised at that, "Why would…you think…I?" he asked confused.

"Well," the red head continued, "Your husband is more feminine and so if you want a boy…"

'Keep calm' Blaine thought to himself as he shook his head with a laugh, it wasn't rude or demeaning but just casual. "I think you're wrong about that. To use those sorts of labels which I don't agree with as masculine and feminine, or as not so polite people call "husband" and "wife". I am more of the wife in the relationship whereas my husband is the man of the house. I'm actually, in some ways, more "feminine" than he is."

"But with his voice," the red head continued as the brunette tried to cough and gesture with her eyes and tilt of head for her co-host to just be quiet.

"In high school my husband was often called names like porcelain and lady hummel, things like that, the fact is that it doesn't matter what you sound like or how flamboyantly you dress, you're not the "woman" in the relationship if your husband is the one who sings old Katy Perry songs in the shower each morning and spends hours on styling his hair even to the point of getting over emotional about it. Seriously, without my husband I would be lost. Do you know he played on the football team?" okay sure, one game, "and he knows how to fix cars," only through helping Burt out, "and he's much more responsible than I am and that's why we don't need to do the swirl or even think about adoption, if my husband would let me, I'd make sure that it was his sperm and his baby."

"Aren't you afraid of losing the child though?" the red head plowed ahead ignoring the signals the brunette was giving her to stop.

"No," Blaine said honestly, keeping his cool and thinking of Kurt at home working on his designs to stay calm, "I think that the swirl can work for most people, but I think that sometimes it's to stop worry. Even if I'm not related to the baby genetically he or she will still be my child. The love that me and my husband have for one another means not having to worry, we won't be splitting up or getting divorced, we rarely even fight. Therefore, to have some more Kurt Hummel DNA in this world would be one of the best things in my life to happen."

"That sounds amazing, the way that you two ca---" the brunette started to speak.

"What if your husband, just go along with me on this, what if he had a sex change." Blaine's eyes widened and he just stared down, he shouldn't argue or put up a fight so instead he just shrugged.

"The way I love Kurt has made me realize that it doesn't matter what gender you are, it only matters who you are. More than that, you don't fall in love with a gender you fall in love with a person. Even if Kurt was transformed into a stuffed, genderless, teddy bear, Kurt would still be the most important part of my life."