The process of the first step! FIGHT!

Remember when I said, "Time get get busy?" In a way I had a general idea on what I was trying to put together, but now I actually realize that the work that I have upfront is very very long, which actually made me feel very very excited, and without doubt I feel like it is the right thing to do! and Hopefully everything will work out! ^_^ I am sure of it!

Right now, I am crushed on the bottom of a lot of work to do! One of the main things it is to fill up my Deviantart Gallery with a lot of examples for the soon to be my commission store :3 which gets more and more intense, since I want to give my all, and draw for passion more than the money that I so need desperately at the moment, however, non of that money can bring me to smile and enjoy so much what I am doing when I draw.

I enjoy even more when I see my customers (even the freebie ones) have enjoyed my drawings! which they might not have any idea on how much I really appreciate it with all my heart! <3 It makes me feel happy! I love to transmit those feelings and emotions to people, they probably might not see it at the moment. I am very shy person by nature, therefore I have always been selfconcious, of my drawings, myself, my love and even I doubted someone would love me and take me as their partner, but guess what? The last one actually happen, and I was never so grateful for having him by my side all the good and bad, and tough times.

He is the reason why I am alive and here, ready to fight and give it all for make my dreams come true, and one of those dreams, are with him.

Now, Enough of typing! and lets get into working >:3

Thanks for reading! Take care and

Good Luck! emotion_bigheart &3