Terror suit

Project Terror’s armor like suit, is an exoskeleton with many types of layering, to create an overall menace looking, lightweight strong suit. The production of the suit was from the specialized HSX faculty and the help of some outside anonymous resources. The project over all is thought in theory, to be one of the strongest exoskeletons HSX has created. The following, is only on the exoskeleton.
The exoskeleton is a dark violet color, tinted from the colors of the materials, plus chemical composition from some of HSX’s materials for factors in most situations. The armor resembles that of a thorned bug, or a demon. It is a humanoid structure, with a singular eye in the helmet. Several horn like structures on the top of the helmet resemble that of a demonic presence in horror films. Gauntlet like hands extend from the fingers, to the elbows. Mechanics inside have features, including the shielding, and other goods. The leggings, groin, and feet are all protected by the same plating the gauntlets have. The chest is also protected with this, along with the power core, and helmet being attached to this. The suit is pieced together by airtight compression systems. The suit is placed onto a soldier through the same concepts, of piece by piece, except stays onto the soldier for as long as the suit is active. A built in system for magnetic purposes, specialized only to the weapon itself, is located on the back of the armor. These strips of magnets are lab trained by modifying to enhance the grip on the weapon, but not catch onto magnetic surfaces.
The exterior of the armor is made of several layers, but the outside molding, is made of 2.5 inches of lead. The lead is made for protection of radiation, and heat. Along with some bullet proof compositions. The lead is set up in the same concept as buckypaper, except instead of carbon compound, it is lead. This lead surrounds an inner 2.5 inch layer of buckypaper. The product is a bullet resistant, fire proof, electric proof, and radiation proof exterior layering. This is molded professionally with the buckypaper in order to make the best performance necessary. The whole exterior, including the helmet has this exterior, from toe, to head. It is durable, and only weighs around 5 LBS in all. The layer under the mix is actually two different things. The first is a dragon skin layer around 2 inches thick. The armor is modified by HSX to have the same effect as the primitive version, yet has a hexagon overlapping disk feature. The ballistic, or bullet proof armoring is all over the interior of the armor. The scale like feature reduces friction within the suit, and has a plate like system. This allows a good flexible overview that is made to perfection. The disks are placed into an aramid nanolaced jump suit, and mask. This dragonskin works by absorbing the damage of conventional metal bullets, because of the hexagon disks. The disks are made of several materials, including Silicon Carbide. Silicon Carbide is a compound conflicting Silicon, and carbon. These create a ‘trauma plate’ effect. ceramic matrices and laminates also consist with the plates, to ensure durability from corrosion and such. This armor allows protection in the way it is formed, from force trauma in hand to hand combat, and from bullets. Around the stitching of the suit is dragon skin liquid armor. Liquid armor actually usually in the old days, Kevlar drenched with ‘Dilatant’ or ‘Shear Thickening Liquid’. The dragon skin is composed the same way, each disk is drenched in it, and creates more protection from bullets, and other trauma. This adds a more protective experience for the user, and latterly the liquid armor being nonmetal like the rest of the suit, is completely lightweight, and electric proof. The properties make bullets useless, and allow the user to float with the suit on. The interior only weighs around 4 pounds with everything added inside for protective protocol from bullets, heat, and such.

Terror Helmet

The helmet of the suit is quite protective, and has several features. The entire helmet around the entire skull, and neck, is attached to the suit. The same protection is added into the suit, as before, except a few other installments are also located inside the helmet. For instance, The mouth, and nose of the user is surrounded by a mask like system. This system has a vocal recognition system, and a chemical air filter. The air filter is effective with Absorbent features, with charcoal on outside vents. These catch any deadly virus, even pollen, mold, and other such common issues. However, also stops any type of natural, and most chemical viruses. Nothing can virtually get through the vents, except for clean, natural air. The vents are found on either side of the mouth area, through nano-mesh. This mesh is used to allow much better weight control, and stops anything bigger than air particles. This also stops the issues of larger virus particles. The vents also have a release mechanism which releases carbon dioxide from the body. This filter is considered a H14 class. This means it is protective completely, only letting in oxygen. This creates a 98.99 percent protection rate from issues of airborne situations. The vents can be shut off by use of voice activation, and small oxygen systems provide up to 3 minutes of pure oxygen. This can be refilled of course, and are small tanks located in the back of the helmet. They are around 4 cms large, and refill by voice control from two of the horns sticking out of the back. A wireless transmitter is located on the back of the helmet in-between the 3 inch horns. Tainted bullet resistant glass, protects the wireless transitions from being shot at and physically breaking the device. The glass still allows the electromagnetic transitions to travel to the intended destination, and which the voice activation panel is still set with. The space the transmitter takes up, is around 10mm around. This is virtually invisible to the naked eye. This is of course, unless the person looking for it, knows where it is, and is very close to the armor. The outside of the armor, has the one eye like structure. This is just a simple IR Cam. An IR cam is a older HSX device which is attached to a visor, and resembles a monooptic. This is attached to a normal cubic zirconium lens. The lens is a colorless strong visual material, that can often be mistaken as diamonds. The reflective properties, and curvature help this visual effect. The IR cam runs just like a pair of glasses, except provides a lot of protection, and less risk of damage. This cam limit’s the light, and has night vision, thermal, and some other visual enhancements. The optic is around 1 inch around. Audio systems are also made inside the helmet. These audio systems are like head phones, and can enhance, and downgrade the noise levels, and pick up on certain things. It also brings in radio waves as well. The visor inside the helmet, has specialized tempered glass, which is pixilated, and allows for a scale of the area, and to bring in any needed information about the area, and allows for scale models, and such from the AI to be brought into play. Other features of the helmet, is it has shock padding inside of it, which reduce trauma to the head. This is done by liquid armor. The other settings, are a memory USB storage, a memory chip, vocal systems, WIFI systems built into the wireless transmitter, and even autopilot by the AI storage. The neck is protected and connected to the helmet, and has he same protection as the helmet. It is airtight, and keeps the user safe.