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bribe 1

Edit Category: Extreme
Soquili Species: Mutant angeni twins
Gender: One male, one female
Body Build: regular
-- Male Leg Up or down: up
Starting Stage: Adult
Concept Origin: Mock child
WIP Needed? yeeeeeeees
~*~ Tag Specifics ~*~
Name of horse: TBD
Owner: ladyfirefox89
Breed: Mutant Angeni/Kelpi
Temper: Female: Musical. Male: Sleepy
Element (ulun’suti Only): None
Tag Background: some kind of pokemon landscape. Probably by a lake&3.
Tag frame color: CC
Tag feather color(s): something with the markings&3

~*~ Colors & Markings ~*~
Body: I would like the color to be a silverish blue, and gold where the dapple is. I also really like the markings on isabliss. A mixture of her fog-like markings, Ari's dapple, and Oji's body 'stripes' *not the ones on his tail* would be perfect =D!
Face: Same silverish blue, with gold either in a spot on the nose, or running down along the bridge. I also enjoy color blocking.
Mane: Fading between a merky blue and silver blue, with just a hint of gold highlights. The female should have more gold
Tail: Same as the mane.
Hooves/Fetlocks: same as the mane.
Reference Image(s): A mock breeding between Oji and Arianna *Unmasked*

Grandparents, in case you wanted to see:
River Lethe and Mewtwo.

~*~ Physical Traits ~*~
Horn(s): none besides the ears that look like horns
Wings: The female has style 1, the male has style 2
Fins: Back fins for both of them. back fin like the translucent eel tail if that is possible. Spiny leg fins for all legs.
Scales: None
Pelt: None
Other Notes: I would like an unmasked version of both please<3

~*~ Accessories & Edits ~*~
Trading Post Items:
Custom Items:
~ Mane: I would something with very long, volumous hair. All the way to the ground please =D. I would also like it to have a few braids, like the one found on Oji. I also like the idea of it winding around his horns. If it doesn't go all the way to the floor that is fine.Just make it interesting&3. I also like the idea of some of her animal pals in/hiding/winding/trapped in her hair. You can also refrence Isabliss's hair for the volume and kind of the general color tone.
Some hair styles I like:
Braids with free hair, intricate hair, tight curls, regular curls, breeze blown hair, long bangs to the side of the head, bangs curved to one side of the head. And other stuff ='3.
~ Tail: Like the mane please, or how ever you think. You know what I like x3. It should be able to mesh well with the back fin.
~ Mask: This mask, but only the green circled part and no snowflakes. I do like the white color, and would like it that color if it matches the rest. If the white doesn't match, then an amythest color&3.
~ Little animal friends&3. it would be supreamly awesome if you could make them pokemon-esque. But also thinking of sleep. Like a zubat, or jiggly puff. Or Jumpluff, Bulbasaur, or just any that you think could have some relevance to being sleepy or causing sleep =). I do love my zubat though&333.
~ Neck conector just like mewtwo and Oji.
~Ears that look like horns, like mewtwos and Oji's, but put your own little spin on them&3. I don't want them to look exactly like it, but would be able to tell they came from a mewtwo =3.
~Expression change. The female should have her eyes closed and look like she is singing<3. The male should have his eyes closed and have a snot bubble coming from his nose x3.
~ Any other edits you can think of from the lineage of the mock parents/grandparents&3. Like the rings from Arianna, I would like those to be tied in some how with the twins.
Reference Image(s) for Items:

~*~ Existing Pets ~*~
If you didn't design this yourself (and it's not a commercial cosplay), did you get written permission to use the design?: Yup! Dracko and Moxxiie both gave me permission here. I also have Shikon's permission to use Isabliss as a grandparent/great grandparent&3.

~*~ Angeni ~*~
Desired Domain: None, they are mock offspring
Justification for Domain Choice (required if Getting Domain):
Powers from Domain (required if Getting Domain):

Personality (required In general): Musical *female*, Sleepy *male*
Plot ideas (required):
~I would like the twins to grow up with Arianna. The female feels very loved by her, but the male I would like to wonder about his father.
~ At a young age I would like for the male to kind of run away and meet his father. But he gets lost along the way, mostly from half sleeping as he walks and what he meets as he gets lost.
~ Male finally comes across his dad, only to have him tell the foal he needs to go back to his mother. Male realizes the dad isnt what he thought he would be and that he needed all along was just his mother and twin.
~ Female twin and Arianna become super worried about male twin. Female twin tries to go off on her own to find him, thinking she is the only one who could ever do so. Soon after that she gets lost and Arianna finds her. Twin decides the only way she will find her twin is with the help of her mom.
~Twin and mom finally find the male twin. Mom tells the male twin maybe when he is older he will find a father who is worth his time. Or that maybe Oji will change his mind when he sees what a wonderful stallion he grows to be.
~ I would like the female twin find someone who is an insomiac and help them fall asleep.
Besides that I havent come up with much else sweatdrop .

Bribe Offer: Bogie *Worth 14mill*, Cathulu *worth 4,750,000*= 18,750,000

bribe 2

Edit Category: extreme
Soquili Species: Flutter/cery twins
Gender: both female
Body Build: reg
-- Male Leg Up or down:
Starting Stage: adult
Concept Origin: previous pet
WIP Needed? Yeeeees
~*~ Tag Specifics ~*~
Name of horse: Suzanna Quintessence *for the pink one*. Suzette Quintessence *for the blue one*
Owner: ladyfirefox89
Breed: Flutter/cery
Temper: Suzanna: whimsical. Other twin TBD
Element (ulun’suti Only):
Tag Background: CC something original
Tag frame color: CC
Tag feather color(s): CC maybe have some markings on it&3

~*~ Colors & Markings ~*~
Body: Suzanna- pink with periwinkle swirls. there are dots near the ends of some of the swirls and along the side of some others. The other twin should be light blue with pink markings.
Face: Maybe have dots under the eyes. I enjoy color blocking. Or have swirls by the eyes. Suzanna should be pink with blue markings, the twin blue with pink markings.
Mane: Exactly like the ref pet&3. The twin's hair can be the dark blue found on the stockings. Or a color like that, maybe a little bluer.
Tail: Moose tail
Hooves/Fetlocks: Sturdy hooves with out fetlocks. If there is any chance you could make them look a little more dainty, that would be awesome&3&3. I would like if both could have a little tuft on the ankle&3. like the H&H pet.
Reference Image(s):

~*~ Physical Traits ~*~
Horn(s): none
Wings: Plasma-esque wings. Though the ones on the dog Moxxiie is coloring me look just as fine&3. Though that is just a wip so I don't know if she is adding shading. They should be attached to the horse.
Fins: None
Scales: None
Pelt: None
Other Notes: I would like a version without the dress/ribbon/sleeve for both please<3

~*~ Accessories & Edits ~*~
Trading Post Items:
Custom Items:
All items you see on the ref pet, including expression change&3. Though the twin will be reverse colors for everything *Except the white of the skirt should remain white*. The twin should have fluffy bunny ears and if its not too much difference, sleeves instead of the ribbon going up the front leg. The white and pink coloring should be fine for the twins sleeves since that is the color her dress will be. The twins stockings/ darker part of the dress can start off being a pink/magenta like Suzanna's hair. For the bunny ears, I would like them to be creased by the top. For an example of fluffy bunny ears that I Iove, you can see Phosgene,and how they crease by the top. Though without the shadow. I have Blame's permission to use him as a reference.

So the only difference the twin will have is reverse colors, fluffy bunny ears, and if its not too much, sleeves.

Reference Image(s) for Items:
User Image

~*~ Existing Pets ~*~
If you didn't design this yourself (and it's not a commercial cosplay), did you get written permission to use the design?: Yup!

Bribe Offer:

For Both combined: 26mill


Desired Gender Ratio: 2 male, 1 female.
Bribe Offer: 8mill
Utani Mesmra Monrey x Kel'Thuzad

I want my clothed ponies kids to have a chance at clothes!!
---Even pants/skirts? D8: Yes please sweatdrop

Name, image, and owner(s) of mother: (Utani Mesmra Monrey/ladyfirefox89 & xX--Fuzzy-Gumdrop--Xx)
User Image
Name, image, and owner(s) of father: (Kel'Thuzad/ The_Scowling_Cat)
User Image
Is it ok if I livestream the breeding?: Please do!
-- If yes, can it be before the mare’s belly/The baskets are even dropped?: yes =o

Co Ownership?: lady, Fuzzy, and Cat are all getting baskets. Co-owner agreement between lady and Fuzzy here.

Lifemate?: No
Link to Breeding Agreement: Here

Throwbacks?: YEEES!
Link to previous Generations:
Mother x Father
Maternal grandmother x maternal grandfather
Maternal great grandmother x Maternal reat grandfather
Paternal grandmother x Paternal grandfather

Short Summary of their plotline: Utani and Kel first met when Mr. Bigglesworth stole one of her chipmunks and took it back to Kel. At first, Utani was furious when she finally found it. But then she saw how much Kel loved his kitty, and how Mr. B had become friends with her chipmunk, she couldn't be mad at him any more. He seemed very odd to her, but he intrigued her in some odd way. After talking with him more and getting to know him a little more, she thought maybe getting to know him would help her understand her own brothers dark feelings. Kel and Utani soon became good friends and found out they had more things in common then they had thought. Utani originally thought that the feelings she were beginning to feel for kel were like her brother. But soon she came to realize they were much more complicated and different. Some days she could be seen talking to Mr. B about how she felt about Kel. It was talking to him that Utani realized her feelings for him were nothing like what he felt for any family member, but in a whole new way. At first she didn't have any hope for letting Kel know how she felt. But all she had to do was spend a few days persuading him that he might feel the same way ;D.

What are their Parents Personalities?
Mother: Utani is caring and warm. She is also stubborn. She is the type to just stare at Kel when he yells and her and waits till he is done to as "Are you done yet?". She is also the one who makes most of the decisions, because she knows some things can confuse him. Though she would always get his opinion on things. Or at least try to since sometimes all she gets out of him is a garbled mesh of words xD. Utani is also one of those types who is curious and tries to understand everything. Though by doing that, tends to go a little crazy sometimes.
Father: Kel is twitchy, slightly insane, and has an obsession with his cat. He tends to mumble and yell obsenties, and doesn't like anything warmer than his little lair on the mountains.

Do the parents have professions?
Mother: hermit/herbolist
Father: lately Utani has been mostly like a psychiatrist.

Link to RP(s) where something happens of importance: (please post a summary if able to)

What is their family dynamics? Utani and Kel will be raising them. When Utani has to go away for hours at a time, usually Mr. B and the chipmunks help keep watch and keep the foals entertained since Kel will take a little time to feel comfortable with them. They will have fun dates with Utani's siblings and her parents. They might also get to meet Isabliss since Utani spent a lot of her childhood with her. Someone who might also come around sometimes is Ootachi. She is Kel's friend. I doubt they will ever meet their family in the harpy flock though. In less Fuzzy wants her to.

Traditions: Any teen of theirs is sent out for a month and told to raise some one from the dead, and that they are not welcome back until they do so. Which basically means they are to find a soquili who is hurt or on the brink of death and to nurse it back to health with their herbal skills.
Herd/Family culture: Kel and Utani believe that to grow into an adult, before you can go off to proove yourself to bring a life back, they need to be found by their special animal. That they don't find it, but they find the soq. Like Mr. B is Kels, and the chipmunks are Utani's. Yhey don't really have any special days except the ones where spirits are most seen. They celebrate those days.
Religious Beliefs: Well, Kel doesnt really believe that death separates us the way most people do. He is a Lich and believes he can raise the dead. Since Utani has no proof other wise, she goes along with his ideas.

Additional info: Please please please, if nothing else, we would love some see through offspring<3. Even if it is just certain parts of the body. I know I would love a see through horsey x3.