Quite often I'll think about what jerks some people are on the internet.

I was taking a shower and I thought "Maybe those people who are on the internet all the time can't be themselves in real life."

I think "No way could a person be this terrible in real life". And it makes sense because those people who are being jerks online are simply expressing what they would normally be withholding.

Which makes me think that there are a lot of people who are real jerks in life, but they keep it to themselves.

I know a lot of jerks though. But mostly they have personality flaws that annoy me.

What I see the most at work are people who gloat about how much better they are than everyone else. Or they aren't patient. There are also people who feel the need to correct people whenever someone else is wrong about something very minute.

These people bother me. And I'll see it in people on the internet as well and they bother me as well.

So, maybe, it isn't that people act different on the internet than they do in reality.

I wouldn't say I act too different on the internet as compared to real life. In one way, I express myself through a keyboard and the other through words and expressions.

So, to say that I act different between real life and online is kind of a no-brainer, because you're expressing yourself through different mediums. They're both something that came from you, but they traveled in different forms, so they are different in nature.

Thinking about it now, maybe those jerks I know in real life are jerks online. And maybe those jerks online are jerks in real life.

And they're really not different people at all. They're just jerks expressing themselves differently.