Missions in the future are always difficult for me. It's difficult to fit in when I have little idea how the technology works. Fortunately a have a slight edge; in this world, anonymity is power. Hand held computers are still a thing, so with a good enough AI to assist me I can forge just about any sort of identification in this galaxy. It's a good place to disappear.

This galaxy is dangerous. There are hidden horrors everywhere. I'm not here to fight them, just see if they pose a multi/universal threat. A long time ago some jerk aliens manipulated some extremely advanced AIs called TITANs, driving them insane with a massive death wish for transhumanity. And then they left, leaving behind virus's, death machines, plagues, and untold and unknown creations of madness.

Transhumanity has strived to move on after that, fleeing the ruined Earth and taking to the stars. They've grown strong and hard by nessicity; I can sympathize. They're not humans anymore, they're transhumans. With replacable bodies and backed up brains they've essentially become immortal. I hope this will be enough incase the TITANs return, for their sake and as a buffer to the rest of the multi/universe.