Sanguinary blood stories

Chapter 8 = ???

Hours passed by with them just talking about how they lived as they walked through the desert that used to be full of life and was an actual lake before hand. "So you don't remember any of what happened before all of this?" She asked as she saw him shake his head. "No, I lived in a town in which it didn't look like any of this had happened and keeping us from straying from the town telling us that there were monsters on the surface." He let out a small sigh after he was done. Scarlet just smirked having ideas form in her head and as Kynneth turned to look at her the smirk just turned into a pleasant smile. "Well that means I can show all the places around here that used to be amazing." She said as she grabbed his hand and began running towards ruins of an old town. Kynneth had a small blush on his face though it was hardly visible. Scarlet just kept running finding an old building. "Well back before nuclear war started that destroyed the land this was one place I came to often. It was movie theater, so I came here with friends to watch movies, though I can hardly ever tell if they are mine or someone else's." She said as Kynneth just looked confused and asked, "What do you mean?" Scarlet just put a hand to her forehead and began to think. "Well, the stuff we obtained, like our powers and weapons, give us memories of the others that used it before us, I mean I'm not that old." She said as she laughed some at the end. Kynneth just looked around the place for a bit as Scarlet followed him. She kept an eye out for something, now more so because something did not feel right. She looked around as Kynneth stopped, seeing a chair ahead but something sitting in the chair. Scarlet looked forward seeing the same thing and walked over to it seeing it was a frozen person. "Oh no." She said as she readied herself having her hand lit on fire. A gust of wind and water went through the place with eminence force knocking Scarlet off her feet and pushing her back a few feet. In walked a man who stood a little shorter than Kynneth but had a spear in his hand who just glared at the two of them...TBC