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Itchigotchi's Diary Whats this, on the ground? A notebook? No...No.. Its something more. The beaten leather cover and crumpled pages seem very well worn and loved. There is a giant "KEEP OUT" stamp on the cover, which makes you smirk as you open the book....

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"I love the smell of lilac. I just discovered it this year, and it reminds me of my grandmother and warm cuddly blankets and expensive clothes. Its great!"

"I really like the smell of earl grey tea. You know, that slightly orangey smell, but mixed with other spices and slightly floral. I made some potpourri of it once, it was sooooo fun."

"Oh! And the smell of Jasmine always reminds me of home in the warm months, because our whole fence was covered in it. Reminds me of fresh times and new hope...."

"...You know...its kinda hard to think of the scents of things that I like....most things of the past are triggering..."

"...Oh...man.... that sucks. Am I doing this crocheting right?"

"Yeah! You've got it! Wait, do you have the right amount of stitches?"

"Uuuuuhmm....I think so? I can tell what I've done! OMG! I know what I'm doing!"

Sometimes Indi suspected that terrible things had happened to Ora. Just casual hints during conversation. They seemed so serious, compared to the normally upbeat girl that Ora was. Her tone would drop and her eyes would be level, yet far away seeming, like someone keeping a tight lid on a panic attack, out of steely resolve to never let it happen again. Despite that, conversation was never hard- they had a lot of interests to chat about. The fact that these things came out at all probably meant they felt somewhat comfortable around each other.


"Hey! Hows your day been?"

"I didn't have a great week...yeah. I missed some of my assignments because I just...I mean, I got up and got ready, then just sat on the couch...then just went back to sleep... AHAHAHAHAHA..."

"Oh, I know those feelz man, I have had an entire week like that. Terribly unproductive...AHAHAHAHAAA"

"Yeah...I'm going to feel terrible if I fail this assignment because I just couldn't do anything that day..."

"...Yeah. But hey. You got todays one in. So thats good."

"I guess so. But still..."

"...Yeah. Shall we draw on that moustache then?~"

The nervous laughter at first was accompanied by that same far off glazed eyes look. Indi had noticed that Ora couldn't turn up some mornings when they went on camp, and had found her crying in their dorm room. This was the nicest way of saying a similar thing had happened again. Indi could echo the nervous and slightly neurotic laughter, the wordless way of saying she understood the depression and inability to face the world some days.
It was a kindof code of hardship which also acknowledged that neither Ora or Indi could talk deeply at the moment, for fear of breaking down.

"I just need to ask about that walking on scene with the horses, it just....-"

"Oh yes, we fixed that."

"Are you sure, because I really, I just.....Its too long, you know? Far too long an entry. I-"

"Yeah, we decided on cues. I'll come on first, then the boys."

"Yes, but when? You have it sorted now?"

"Yeah. I just told you, we worked it out. I know the song, so the cues are figured out."

"Don't talk to me like that."

"Like what--?"

"In that WAY. Like I'm an idiot or something."

"I'm not--"

"Yes, you are, you always do this!"

"Do what? I speak to you in the same way you speak to me!"

"No, no, come on, ugh! I don't like this! ...This isn't a good way of speaking and you're just not letting me talk... and I have all of these other things to get through... and its been a long day, you know? ...And theres a lot to do!... And you're just making it harder by talking this way to m-"

"Okay! How about we hear about some of the other things then?"

"You! You too? You two! You ALWAYS talk to me like this!! You always do this! You're always at it! Asking! What is WRONG with you?"



The hair had raised up on the back of everyones necks in the room, as Reds raised voice shouted at the two girls, publicly putting them down and shaming them. It stayed quiet. You could almost hear peoples desperate wishing to move on with things.
Indi's bottom lip wobbled, and Ora had hidden behind a steely defence of apathy, storing up the emotion for later on when it was safer. Red looked frazzled and frustrated, on the verge between shouting more and breaking into a mess of tears in the middle of the stage. Nobody said anything for a good three seconds. Half of Reds group had stood up, and people sitting near Indi and Ora shied away from the potential explosion.
Red turned and walked back over to her troupe, throwing out vague instructions to every side, seemingly composed and on track again.
Indi tried very hard to sit very still and continue taking notes, but tears rolled down her cheeks and her smile was rather wobbly.
Ora sat alone in the corner, apparently unaffected.

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