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Please read at own risk - and perhaps bring a pair of plant clippers.

Meyaira Firespring
Community Member
Looking for a Good Family RP to Read
Yes, to read.

I am in far too many rps right now to join any more. I know my limits, though I will admit I have stretched them a bit tight again, what with my guild and joining that new Chobits one in Miracle of Life. Am I ever going to get to rp in those B/C pets shops? Haha. cat_xd

Anyway, I've been trawling the Gaian Neighbourhood looking for a good literate family role play to read. One where some of the characters are cat people. Nekojin.

Do you think I can find a single one that's any good? No.

And when I did find them, (about three. That was it). There's not even one single rp where there is a good reason explaining why and how the characters are neko. I found one that looked super promising but it was a remake (the eighth one, to be precise), and had been posted around 3 years ago. I couldn't find the other 8 versions that preceded it...or the guild they mentioned. It was called Hiroyata; Big Family of Nekos. I'm still not sure if it had much of a plot or backstory to it.

Not only that, I can't find a single good FAMILY rp. They all bore me to tears, there's no proper plot, too many dead parents, families full of teenagers and dark secrets, alcoholic father characters, abuse, the list goes on...overused, cliched ideas and even some people that were too lazy to title the thing properly.

Seems to be a lot of family rps centred around the Military or Mafia as well. Not bad things, though it's not exactly the sort of feeling I was going for.

I saw a couple of werewolf rps based around family yet they weren't all that creative. There were a couple that reminded me straight away of Twilight...I've never read the books, but I do believe that for now at least, vampires and werewolves have been done to death. If you are going to use them as characters, you had better put a bloody good twist into those races and characters and come up with some smashing plot ideas. Otherwise it's gonna be hard to read. =_= ZZzzzZZzzz.

Oh, I feel sleepy. I'm procrastinating going to sleep. Ha ha. A few more words and then I'm out of here.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I am looking for something in particular and I have been amazed how difficult it is to find it. You'd think with a bit of the forum set aside specifically for Neighbourhood (family & friends) themed rps, there would be more good ones out there. Or at least a handful. Not pages and pages of what I am inclined to call rubbish. XP Maybe I haven't dug deep enough.

Well, you know what they say; if they don't have something, make it yourself.

Okay, I don't know the exact word but you catch my drift, yes? I'm stuck waiting for the rps in the pregnancy guild and my own stories to turn into what I want them to for the meantime. SO I wanted to read others' while I waited. Just for something different.

This is something I feel like sharing. You know how you have your favourite characters in anime and manga? And you read fanfics and dream up stories about them? No? Well...there are those of us who do that. =^.^=

To get to the point, I (and obviously other people), like imagining what some of our fave characters would be like together with others, and sometimes wondering about what sort of family or child/ren they might have. It's really fun! >w< And cute too.

I was searching for reference pictures to help me draw an OC's baby and I came across this site here: Zerochan - Baby And I nearly melted with happiness...and cuteness overload. Lol.

It has pictures of anime families and characters with their own children and babies! So cute and creative. It makes me feel all warm and....'glowy' inside. cat_blaugh I love that kind of thing! Do you get what I mean? It's hard to explain...

I was so happy when I realised some of them were Canon too!~~ That just makes it even better. I haven't got all the way through the image gallery yet. I think there were about 70 pages and lots of images. But I really, really am glad I found this site. So many art works by amazing artists. ^___^ Anyway, I'd always wondered a about a few of these characters displayed and I even discovered some anime I didn't know about yet, so there you go~. cat_biggrin

I've gone off on a tangent but I don't care! XD I'm going to sleep soon and I can be embarrassed in the morning. But right now, I just wanna share something I found that I think is really good.

So yeah...family rps...with heart. Or something.

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