'If only I would allow my self to..'
Explore the unknown
Only then would I feel excitement
I'm tired of drowning in familiar waters
How could water be so still, yet cause so much chaos?
I have to stop mourning over what I once had
As if it were coral that was once beautiful..
It's nothing, but rock now
Why do I keep anchoring myself to this rock bottom?
It's so dark here..
It's so cold..
Am I afraid?
Am I terrified because of all the things I've been through along the way?
The surface seems so far, too far
I'm afraid the light might burn
It might show me more that I don't want to see
..I don't know..
I'm still hurt, still bleeding..
The sharks might smell my weakness
I'm so tired,
But I want to see what's at the surface
It could be better than these leeches sucking the life out of me..
But I'll never know if I don't start swimming

Time Limit: 7-10 minutes