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Green Nail Varnish
A lot has happened from 2011, to now (2013) . Fell of the radar for the majority of last year, and then I came back, not as writing a gossip column (although sometimes that too) but more as me, a writer, a thinker, a venter . A human...
So What Exactly Happened : In the Store
So I never told you guys about this, but during January of last year, while I was still going through my emotional conflict with Shaphan, there was something else going on.

So after school one day, after witnessing Shaphan make out with this sleazy whore (while having the audacity to look me in the eyes while doing it) , I decided to go to this store, simply to buy a packet of popcorn kernels and eat my life away (healthily of course) .

So anyway I walk into the store, and this guy walks in right after me. So I'm slowly trailing down the aisle, looking at different brands of pop-corn, peanut butter, you know things on the shelf, and from the corner of my eye I notice him just lurking at the beginning of the aisle. I quickly size him up, cute, stocky , rugged with locs.

I dismiss my attraction, and focus on finding a good brand of pop corn. Then, he comes walking down the aisle, and as he's passing me, he puts his hand on my lower back and sort of glides of it . Mind you, the aisle is big enough for at least 4 people to walk through, and there's nobody in the store.

I register it in my brain, but it was too soon to assume anything. Anyway he does it again while coming back up the aisle, but this time he puts his hand on my lower stomach and on my back. In my mind I'm like, "What in the world..." , yet I still enjoy the sensations of being randomly touched.

Anyway, I buy my popcorn and gleefully skip home, to tell my friends all about it. Nobody knows his name, most think I'm just reading too much into it, so much that I began to believe that I imagined the entire thing.

Anyway, fast-foward to june, at the end of my exams, I'm walking my friend home, and we're about to pass the store, when this guy pulls up, winks at me and goes in.
Haha, I turned into Ricko Suave, and was like, "See ya later, I have to work on this."

I left my friend, mustered up what little confidence I had, and entered the store, intent on finding this guy and figuring out whether or not he's actually into this .

So I walk in, and at first, I didn't see him. Then as I was searching, he just appears out of no where smiles at me, and taps me on my stomach again, but his hand was damn so near to my crotch.

I just stood there like an idiot and turned around. Then I was like, ugh, no Kirmani suck it up. So I did, and I turned back and went straight to him and just said "What's your name?"

It kind of took him by surprise, and honestly he looked a bit confused. He said his name, but said it in such a hasty whisper that I didn't quite catch it. So anyway he crosses over to the right of me, this time rubbing his hand against my crotch - this immediately sent me into hard on territory. He crossed back again, this time blatantly grabbing my junk. He let out this sinister, pleasureful, "Nice" ,that made me slightly uncomfortable.

I went to the back aisle and started reading the nutritional value of kool-aid mixes. (I know, weird) . But he soon comes along and grabs my crotch again. Then he pulls out his phone and pretends to be talking to someone. He tells them how he's going to the beach when he gets off work. I knew he wasn't actually speaking to anyone, so I took the hint.

I left soon after that, charged and ready for the day!
At 3, I started my journey to the INFAMOUS shoal bay! Half way there, a car whizes past me and honks. I catch a glimpse, and it's him. He makes a right up this other road, and I instinctively followed. The road made way up a tiny hill, and by the time I reached the topped his car was coming back in my direction, slower this time. It stopped next to me.

With a giant smile on my face, I lean over the passenger window and peer inside his car, my best attempt at being flirty. I was about to say hey, when my eyes fixed on a figure in the backseat. His daughter.

My throat felt like it had been pierced by an arrow shot by Katniss Everdeen herself.My words couldn't ... wouldn't come out, and I immediately stopped breathing, (I do that sometimes - I genuinely forget to breath) .

He asked me, in which direction I was headed. I swallowed a gulp of air and tried to speak through my now violent stuttering. I managed to point down in the direction his car just came from. It was a lie, but I needed not look like a fool.

He said alright, and like that he was gone. It's funny, because as soon as he turned that left corner , I gained full control of my body once more. I darted for his direction,but turned right - continuing on my way to shoal bay.

I had about half a mile to go, and I sprinted like nobody's business. When I finally reached sand, I felt safe. I sat near the sea's edge and just looked at the waves. "How could I be so stupid... He has a kid... Kirmani forget him " These thoughts kept replaying in my mind - louder and louder until they became unbearably deafening.

Anyway, an hour and a half passed, and I decided it was time to go home. I started walking. 10 minutes in, a car pulls up next to me. It was him. My heart started to beat so loudly , it felt like it would break through my fragile rib cage.

I get in, awkwardly of course, as I try to first close the door and then roll down the window. I could do neither right, and so he reaches over and does it for me. Not without squeezing my crotch of course.

He took me for a ride, we talked, awkwardly, I told him I've only done this with guys, he proceeded to tell me about this "b***h" who cheated on him, but yet he still continues to see? Random , I know. We drive around until I tell him that we passed my house a long time ago.

"Ugh...Not cute" was what he said. yea I felt stupid. I got our his car, maybe 45 minutes from my home and began walking. I stop at a friend's house and he picks me up again. I lie once again and ask him to drop me at my house , (was really another friend's house). He did. and then i ran home.

When I got home,I asked my friend if he knew him , he said yea and that he too had a crush on him. He also said he had herpes. I nearly cried, not because I was crushed, but at the thought that I nearly got my beautiful lips scarred forever!

I kept this game going for a few more weeks, where I'd walk to shoal bay and he'd pick me up, until one time, he just passes me by, completely ignoring me, and I felt even worse because I was enthusiastically waving at him.

Eventually, I grew to detest him. The new school year started, and he offered to give me and a friend a ride home. He drops my friend at his house, and then when it was time to drop me home, he doesn't. He drives to his house, parks, gets his daughter and tells me to get out.

Never have I been so totally insulted...

I saw him in the store a couple nights ago, we entered together. He walked to the back of the store, looking back at me. I gave him a look of pity, turned right, got my cookies and went to the cashier. From my spot, I could see him still at the end of the aisle looking at me. I roll my eyes and leave.

Good riddance b***h, and goodluck to your daughter, she'll need it.

Haha, this is one of many things that happened. I told his story first, because those weeks, play an integral role in many of the forthcoming stories.

I hope you guys are having a fun time reading, as I'm having a fun time SPILLING! I don't know what you guys think, I hope you guys leave comments. There's so much to say! But how do I say it?

How can I make these juicy, without infringing on Gaias ToS. Ugh, so many questions, and I want them answered. I know you want more to read, and I would love to type more . But I'm sleepy, its damn near 4am! So goodnight!

We'll keep in touch.

Arbitrary Mani
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