So I've probably never mentioned this before, but I am a part of the Yearbook Committee at my school, I didn't exactly volunteer, but rather, I was nominated (?) by a teacher so I couldn't really decline.

Anyways, we've been having meetings pretty often, us in the committee, and today, we had our first after school meeting. See, when we gather to work on yearbook stuff, it's scheduled for noon hour. This means that we would lose our break, which kind of sucks because junior high students, such as myself, are already deprived of morning recess. Basically, when we have such meetings, I get no breaks.

...and I like breaks, so yeah.

Continuing on, we had our meeting after school today. It was originally intended to be an hour long meeting, but it stretched out to about two and a half. It was fun, though.

When we ran out of time, the teachers -- actually, just one teacher, and she wasn't really a teacher; she was the vice principal of my school who happens to be leading the Yearbook Committee -- treated us with food. We went to a nearby fast-food restaurant called Burger Inn.

I'm sure if you live in my proximity, you would recognize this place. It's convenient in terms of location.

It was the first time I ate with guys who I wasn't related to. Do note that the Yearbook Committee is composed of boys and girls in grade nine.

At Burger Inn, there were two girls, including myself, and four guys. An odd combination if I do say so myself, since the girls and guys in my class aren't reliably close to each other.

Within those four guys was number nine. If you don't know who number nine is, I'd suggest reading my previous entries.

*sighs* It was nice eating at the same table as him. emotion_kirakira

LOOOOOLS, jk. Well, it was nice, but not in a creepy hey-let's-grow-old-together-and-get-married-and-always-eat-at-the-same-table kind of way.

It also lessens the mood when you realize we ate at a fast-food place, and those places aren't very classy. Meh.

To be honest, though, I don't like classy restaurants too much. I find it difficult to order things since 1.) I'm extremely socially awkward and or anti-social AND 2.) I have a hard time making decisions, which includes deciding what to eat.

To my future mate, if I ever decide to allow myself such a burden, don't take me to classy restaurants.

Oh hey, you know what'd be a fun entry to write? My ideal date. That's be interesting, wouldn't it?

Anyway, I've got homework to attend to. Thank you for reading my entry and good night if the darkness is upon you~! emotion_yatta

Today's song lyrics are:
For what, I don't know:
Every time I plant a seed,
He said kill it before it grow

Comment the song's title and artist and a reward shall be granted! I was quite surprised today to discover that majority of my class DIDN'T know this song. Ehh, I suppose I'm just old or something. yum_puddi