[excerpt from a PM to my friends:

Aaah. For our manga, let me break it down for you, ne? ~
30-40 pages in a chapter = can be finished within an hour, if you take that long c:
5-10 chapters can be finished in two weeks (couple of days, up to 7, if you're not busy)
40 chapters can be finished in a month
You can be up to date on R+V I and II in 2-3 months.

-slight frown, furrowing her eyebrows, thinking about something else- You know ... none of you, except Tsukune, has seen Ura-chan (Inner Moka). I don't want to scare you guys >< Or worse eek Upset you o - e in any way, shape, or form. I mean, really, she won't hold back ; A ; It's somewhat liberating but that's not the point sweatdrop ;;;; > ~ <;;;;

Reminder: Inner Moka can kill Kurumu-chan, Mizore-chan, and Yukari-chan because she's that strong. e - e

N-Not that she's going to, ever eek That would be evil o - e;; And she's not evil o x o;;. (She's really kind)
... I-I'm going to stop talking now ll|| You're probably lost and confused;;;. ; __ ;
(edit: At most, "harm" is what is used instead of "kill" and telling Tsukune to stay back shows what could happen well.)

What was my point in bringing up Ura-chan? -folds arms, thinking-

ARGH gonk I still think it's a bad idea to just CASUALLY show you her. In a fight, it won't be dangerous when she's out, she won't verbally harm you, but any other time, especially if she's displeased, it's not too wonderful ;;;;. By the way, I don't know how to fight or write how to fight, but I will try my best, I hate how unknowledgeable I am on this and how I can't do research on it = =;;;.

Just warning you to never take anything personally if it's coming from Inner Moka.

I don't have a "split personality" if anyone will wonder that in the future. I'm too polite so I won't be able to say some things. I let people walk over me like a doormat because of my manners, but I do have a backbone. When I don't have to be polite, I'll stand up for myself, but it's not restricted to that time. I feel it is rude to directly say "I'm sorry, can you not do that?" right after someone does something that bothers you, though I accidentally did that once, to try and it didn't bring good results ;;;. I'm usually always subtle. I'm a hinter; some things I can't be direct about >//<. Inner Moka is respectful and well-mannered, but even when she speaks her mind, it's not rude. It could never come off as rude, somewhat, because she's a respectable and respectful person.

No split personality: It's like being thoughtful and thoughtless 8O It seems contrasting, but it's a balance! You are thoughtful, but sometimes you can be thoughtless? Right? You could ... normally be very patient but sometimes have no patience. Or be impatient and sometimes be patient. Or you are always optimistic but you can stay pessimistic for a while before returning to your default. You would have both personality traits. You could even have equal amounts of both for one trait, whatever it is -shrugs- It's not impossible. Someone can be both serious and silly. It would depend on the topic/mood.

Hmmm. Here, please take a look at this. Virgos are the most misunderstood sign and I wouldn't want anyone to be hurt because of Inner Moka in roleplay. Virgos are always brave, kind, faithful, and helpful. Virgo is a sign of service; they want to be helpful to someone or make them happy, which would be helping them. Virgos hate and cannot tolerate watching someone suffer and not being able to do anything to help. If you hurt a Virgo's friend, we retaliate as if the injury is to us. Horoscope signs aren't true so I complied a list specific to me = u = d

A Virgo will do everything for their friend (so they won't have to ;;;; ..., but in other cases -> wink so they don't suffer. Because if that person's happy, it's ... Uh, well, I thought of this myself two years ago: "I can live on your smile." As long the person's blissful, I don't mind taking the pain. I don't mind being the only person who "suffers" because I get to save and protect the person or people I care about. We put everything on our shoulders; we're independent and reliable; a Virgo obviously does it alone by default. I guess they're used to being independent; we hate asking for help because it's related to weakness. I can easily ask, but sometimes, I have trouble asking lol. If I believe I can do something myself, I will try and (somewhat unknowingly) suffer and still not ask. Did you know most people have trouble asking for help? I heard this on the radio once -- lol, sorry, off-topic -- but instead of "Can/May I help you?/Do you need help?" you should say "Let me help you" because it transfers ... something to the other person. Then the person will accept because they can't reject you and it would be okay to accept your offer c: I hope you learned something new . o . If you already knew that. congratulations! ^ ^ Back to the How to Treat a Virgo topic though sweatdrop

Look at everything overall but check 6, 11, 18, 22

Does it sound like Inner Moka?

Arrogance is a terrible thing (when extreme) and it's not like I want it (I still love myself C: ). But it unfortunately comes with being a refined and wise person (eg: wiser than most or some partying teenagers; partying is not mandatory; hanging out with friends is normal and just as fun).

Like ... er, borderline snob, but I'm modest, self-critical, and I never have any ill intentions no matter what happens and no matter how blunt/honest I am 8D

(I really wish there was another term for "snob" because it sounds o ~ e ... But I searched up the definition and I don't like both that and the word. I'm not usually like that, it's probably subtle, and I'm not one on purpose! (on purpose = doing it to upset people) And I can't get rid of the trait either = =;;;. It's stuck. Like being English/British and moving on, ahaha sweatdrop I don't know if that's completely true but I needed an example c: )

It's impolite to boast. I haven't boasted. (If you compliment me, I might acknowledge it with a "thanks" or I will dissuade your statement. It's just who I am. I can't help my modesty. It's impolite to accept it so openly, so directly, so easily. Like in a grandiose way or narcissistic way : < wink I've only just showed my account, which you can plainly see, and it's not at an amateur level, right? I didn't do any more. I'm terrified of my account being replaced by someone else's Moka account, which explains my earlier display of how high-quality things should look like. I'm a perfectionist. I'm meticulous and it pays off ... Er, for free on gaia ;;; sweatdrop I-It pays off in compliments? C:> xD;

Honestly, though, every human being holds themselves in high regard. They think what they have to say is important or wise. It can be something as easy as their opinion on something. I don't know if you understand what I mean.

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LOLOL the sheep one is so insulting. I haven't seen that in a few years. I had found it, uploaded it, and never looked at it again xD;;

The "everyone holds themselves in high regard" self-esteem thing, I got from my Psychology text book C: I read that everyone is slightly arrogant by human nature. Well, paraphrased it. Well, actually, I don't remember anything, but I wrote the gist of it down!

#13 on the How To website ... sounds scary o - e;;. Fighting's not necessary > > Violence makes everything worse.

Virgos have a lot of patience and kindness so that when it's gone, it's gone. Virgos don't like feeling mad; we stop feeling mad and feel something else/calm instead. I seriously doubt I would purposely fight anyone because that's not very nice. I mean, sure, if the person was mean first, it seems "fair" but it's still mean and only adds fuel to the fire c:

Aaand, of course, in R+V, in a "I'm not fighting you" situation, the enemy would keep attacking and I'd be doomed . _ . ... Now, if I'm defensive, having manners really isn't important. What Virgos, who are always cautious, always protect are themselves. They have a impossibly strong exterior shielding their fragile (ugh) inside and they are always brave because they have to be. They hate vulnerability ; x ; (Ah and they're tsunderes with (mild) trust issues lol = u=;; Unless it's absolutely and always safe, they won't (start to) place their heart somewhere to be horribly pulverized o3o; They try to prevent it in the first place, they check safety, so if it should happen and they let it, weeeelll. It's kind of sad. Nn, maybe not "sad." More idiotic. Because if I let go and someone's not there to catch me, and want to catch me, it's my fault.)

So #13 would happen. A Virgo is good with words. In an argument or when giving advice, a Virgo thinks a lot about it first so that their argument is sound and their advice is strong and not random, useless, and inapplicable.

(They're "good with words" <- I can't lie when I write or it will be bad writing/acting; I only know how to be me and my experiences so my character has to be similar to me. I have to put myself in Moka's point of view then write C: Hopefully, roleplaying in literate narrative will be fun with both of us in the future ^ u ^ I look forward to it <3)

#18 ... Eeeh. I wouldn't say "inferior" o ^ e That's not nice. To be honest, if I had to, I would say it more subtly + (by using)/in other words + in my mind because it's rude to say anything and say it out loud anyway > o>. Hmm. It's not exactly wasting wit and charm ........ but yes Dx. mog. It's true . x . If someone's rude or vulgar to a Virgo, there won't get the Virgo's time. Virgo women are classy and Virgo men are gentlemen. It's just personality clash x __ x They might be good people (not evil) but I wouldn't be able to be friends with them or like them. I'd want to but I'd terribly cringe with discomfort c:

Just because Moka and I are similar doesn't mean I would like to be hated if you despise Inner Moka with every sub-atomic particle of your being ; ___ ; Please don't. (I mean, you're free to but please don't be mean and/or rude C: ) Or, at least, if you do hate me/her, don't tell me and-and-and .. please tolerate me? sweatdrop >, ~ <;;;;

I'm still cautious about showing you Inner Moka. This is on purpose. I'm not letting anything incredibly bad happen while I can still control/prevent it > x>;; I don't know how you will handle her. I won't hold back because I'm really just being in character. Replying to you as her is the point.

I won't actually be annoyed at you. Well, if you comically bother Moka (eg: love rival) in roleplay then, out of roleplay, I could be annoyed because your character bothered my character and it wasn't mandatory for your character to act that way (at that time) and annoy me, but you did C: Don't take it personally. Virgos don't get mad (they hardly do), unless it has something to do with our friends or injustice, but we get easily annoyed. Virgos can still panic sometimes over little/big things because they're anxious people, but overall, we have great self-control over our emotions, we don't say anything unless it's important, and we are always reserved and collected, even in dangerous situations because there is most likely no need to feel hysterical or angry.

People get hurt; this is a fact. I never purposely hurt someone. Whenever it happens, it's always by accident. A friend complimented me a year or two years ago that I care so much about others and she wished more people were like me, which was nice of her to say c: Hurting people is inevitable in life but it doesn't have to look negative ^ ^ It is your will to mend the relationship/things/problems that makes everything better again. And, of course, I'd always want a relationship to be more than okay again. I like balance in relationships ' u ' Tension, sadness, or hostile/upset/hurt feelings isn't a harmonious relationship that has no problems D8 </3]