For my Romeo and Juliet project, the two songs I thought fit the most with the story of Romeo and Juliet would be Loves Tragedy Asunder, by Demons and Wizards, and Juliet by Emilie Autumn.
While most of the songs for my playlist do fit the story well, Loves Tragedy Asunder fits the tragedy and despair the story emits. All other songs tell of the love, but this song tells of the love and death that comes from it.
"I've buried sunlight when I shutter eyes
Dead leaves to dust, the seasons bloom
A glimpse of Heaven showed an angel cry
Tenfold the cries of Crack of Doom."
Those lyrics say that even though they loves each other, sometimes that isn't enough. "A Glimpse of Heaven," their death. "Showed an Angel Cry," even the angels knew the sadness of Romeo and Juliet's tale. The lyric "Dead leaves to dust, the seasons bloom," says that even though they died, life goes on. The Capulets and Montagues do get over their feud, and in Romeo and Juliet there's a servant who goes about his daily life by ordering the band around. Normal life continues, theirs ends.
The second song that fits is Juliet by Emilie Autumn. This song focuses on the balcony scene in the tale of Romeo and Juliet. When Romeo confesses his love after Juliet says "Romeo, oh Romeo, where for art thou or Romeo?"
"Meet me beneath my balcony and say
No one but you could ever fill my night."
Romeo professes his love for Juliet, and she listens.
"The consequence is hanging there
The sky will fall but I don't care."
They know the consequences of their love, but don't care. They love each other, and after all, love is the strongest bond in life. Though theirs held true, it fell apart when they died. Unable to love in life, but able to love in death.