To this day my home remains a mystery
I cant tell if its my country (Colombia)
or my United States Home

Here in the United States, I lived in this house for 13 years.
Every single of my memories are here
but I don't consider this as my home, until today (05-22-13)
why idk

I was drawing my home and noticing every detail, hearing the songs I been listening to all these years in the same home
Im in the state of memories of my home here in the US

Soon im leaving, and ill feel like I have lost everything
so even though this house is always dirty and I have to clean it and I know how to get by even with my eyes closed and looking at the same rooms for 13 years annoy me, it brings me sadness

this house will soon be someone else's
I wont even live here anymore
and it will make me really upset

not many will see what I see in my home
but im glad im able to view every memory that's unique to me and no one else
idk if that made any sense but whatever

I wish I felt the same way about Colombia
I wish that some how my house that I live in was in that country, then I will never give it up
but soon im going to leave to Colombia and live there for a couple years
I miss being there and I cant live my live in the same country all the time, I just wish I can do that with the house that I live in the US