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baby we could go back to the basics
trailer park wearing them asics and gold
i can speak spanish
you can sing for the neighbours
you've been pretty stupid ever since you became Famous

wrong side of the tracks bOy
if only we'd go back boy
cause nobody does it like you
i like the way that you move
that's why i never go throUgh with leaving you

everybody's saying that you'Re no good for me
your friends all swear that You've changed
but i still kEep it o.g.
this tune could be A reminder of how it all used to be
so shut up
Come on
sing our song
and let's go back tO the basics
let's go back to the basics baby
back to the basics
when yoU're not wasted
i kNow you'll see

baby we could go back To the basics
we were best friends crazy and shameless in love
you can mow the lawn for money i can make you playlists
you bought me dime packs felt like we were famous

best i ever haD boy
can you remember that, boy?
nobOdy knew what we knew
we had it figured out too
us against the world just me and you

We could drive forever my baby
we could leave it all and never look back
if you wanted heaven baby
sit back in my piNk cadillac