A Dance from afar, to deal death from unseen forces. Beautiful and elegant, yet deadly passion drops those in a splattered crimson of red. Blood makes the grass grow, kill, kill, kill. Let fly the knife, like lotus petals in the spring breeze, and drop your foe like an autumn leaf. Spill out the ink of life and learn monochrome paint, decorate the battlefield with the bodies of all who oppose you and dance in the elegant art of the Iron Lotus. Step softly, yet sting like a bee. Be as quiet as the wind, but fierce as the ocean. Few dance with knives, few perfect the knife. Let the chi of your body, fuse with your soul and become one with the iron lotus.

[Training Methods] To learn the iron lotus, one must forget all that around them, learn the fluid arts of the wind and learn to strike as a wave. In loose and elegant motions, bend and flow the body like water and learn to hide one's weapons in plain sight. Deceive your foe, let your dance become a thing of death. Dexterity of the hand and a gentle touch is needed, strike as if they were close.