I went to the bathroom and clay was laying in bed. I asked him to look beside him on the floor to see if there was a sheet on the floor and he told me he wouldn't look. I do stuff for him all the time.. I got him medicine earlier today, got him a drink earlier today and those were all the way across the house.. yet he had the nerve to call me a lazy b*tch when I asked him to look right beside him on the floor.

It's sad when someone you're married to disrespects you when you do stuff for them all the time. It sucks when you're treated like dirt yet you love the person to much to walk away. I love him so much but sometimes I wonder why when he says stuff like shut the f*ck up or calls me a lazy b*tch. I honestly don't know why I let him treat me like that, I promised myself I would never let someone treat me like that, yet here I am letting it happen anyway.

I took a vowel to love him through better and worse.. I guess this is just the worse part right? Some people have it worse. They get abused, there is drugs, people get tortured or are homeless. I should probably consider myself lucky that there is someone around to call me a lazy b*tch and to tell me to shut the f*ck up? I don't know. It hurts though and I'm crying. I feel like he doesn't really care about me.