there are times when i close my eyes
and i see you lying there
in our bed, with another man
an hour before i'm home

for a moment or so, i grow real cold
and i have to sit and sigh
my mind has got the best of me
and i'm not feeling quite fine

so away i go, escape the show
and visit another dream
where you're kissing someone else
it seems just like before

as i shake my head, there goes another friend
and he's feeling you up inside
but i'm losing it, i'm losing my mind
and i'm running out of time

now i'm laying down on this old bed
where i'm hoping you will be
because you know deep in your head
that you will always belong to me

now come on home, i miss you so
i need you in my life
i'm losing it, and i need a hit
of the medicine you provide