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A simple bombing, is all that is needed. What is the use of punching a foe or using cheap parlor tricks with fancy magical flames, when all it took was a simple flick and twist of the wrist to make it all go boom? Molding perfection and crafting works of art took time, labor and of course, creativity. All would be needed with extravagant creatures of clay animated by chakra was a simple seal... to make it all light up and engulf all whom are too close to witness it... non-lethally.

Standing among fellow suna-shinobi and peasants alike during the time of war, his simple mouths were a force to reckon with for all it took was one potent bomb to blow away any single man. Advancing up toward the front lines, he simply turned his wrist about as the mouths upon his hands regurgitated the sickly white clay. Like ants upon the skin, it seemed to crawl and become alive as he flicked his hands to send the bug-like clay dolls into a horde of advancing shinobi. One went off before setting off a single chain-reaction of explosions, all rippling through the air in a wake of red and orange. While weak individually, they were all potent enough to scare any wise man for a moment.

"Dance with my art, feel the rumbling quake through your body, feel the heat of its passionate flame." The bomber said as he knelt down to one knee and splayed his hands apart with palms facing skyward and he stuck out his tongue like a snake. The hand mouths were finishing off a bit of the clay. They tried to advance once more but now the man flung his hands across the air in a crossing motion to where beige clay flung out and took shape in the air. Unlike the bullet bugs, these were much more potent and higher on the explosion scale.

"Any tree can drop an apple, I'll drop the f*cking moon!" With that said, the unexpected came as a much larger explosive wave came forth and overwhelmed the shinobi unlike beforehand. The bird like clay dolls had expanded only just briefly before unleashing a deadly popping explosive, decimating many of the advancing men on the front lines. The bomber still stood alone, watching with a wry grin as his explosive might ravaged the area in front of him. A work of art creating a bloodied panting of blood, the only ink that truly matter.

"That's right, embrace the art, for you all must know that even in quanity that the smallest explosion can be the most deadly. Come at me and let me paint the ground with your insides!" The mad bomber yelled out once again as he

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