So a few days ago, sometime last week probably, I was assigned a poem where we had to express our love for someone or something in order to win over the hearts of the opposite gender in our class. Heck, that was a long sentence. Basically, we all had to write something about love and present it to the class. As a girl, my goal was to make the guys vote for my poem. Likewise, the guys had to make girls vote for their poems.

I suck at this. We did the same thing last year, and that was the only assignment I regret not trying harder for. Anyways, just because I regretted writing a sucky love poem last year, that did NOT mean I wanted a second chance. emotion_bigvein


Anyways, I did end up writing a poem regardless. I mean, of course I would. It's for marks. It's a lot better than last year's poem, but I still don't like it, especially the third last stanza.

I didn't intend to publish this, but I felt like I needed to update my journal and this was something that I can adapt into an entry so...

Here goes it..

A Hushed Crush

My love for you is a bright, radiant sun,
But it’s hidden behind several clouds
That loom through 12 months of a year
Like a world concealed in shrouds

My love for you is a colourful curve
That shines all hours each day
But once night falls, needless to claim
The hues are ushered away

My love for you is a deep, endless sea
And thus, it is dark and unknown
Full of flesh-eating creatures that lurk in the waters
And litter the shore with bone

My love for you is a weakness for me
But a strength, nonetheless
It grants me struggles as well as the will
To secure a slow, but sure, success

Yet my love for you is outright feared
By my whole heart who can’t get a grip
If I reach for you, will our hands meet?
Or will they, most probably, slip?

So I’ll keep my love for you a secret
Since this feeling should not be released
Because if it was, chaos would break loose
And berserk would go my soul’s peace

Though, I will continue my love for you
As a marvelous performance or show
Viewed by me, me and only me;
A love you will never know.

So... how was it? Bad? Bearable? Hey, it rhymed.

I'm going to end today's journal as I've been ending the previous few journals. That is, with a snippet from the lyrics of a song. To the following lyrics, comment the song's title and artist and a reward shall be granted!

You can't take all those things
They define you and me
everything we've become,
You're all that I need
Please don't make me face my generation alone.