I've heard nothing but slippery slope fallacies about how gay marriage will lead to pedophile marriage and what-not, but I thought I'd take hold of the conspiracy theorist, probably-schizophrenic viewpoints that annoy me.

First off is the complaint that legalizing gay marriage will create a downward spiraling effect in that it will lead to the discrimination or murder of Christians... Of course, I'm not really sure what to make of these conspiracy theorist-level posts, because for the love of f*ck, what? You have more problems than I do, and I bash my head against the wall sometimes. (Too much information? Probably.) Could I go to such lengths to say that you're trying to "pull on my heart strings" in that I'm supposed to feel bad for you because of a few isolated instances? Are you sure you're not a liberal with your conspiracy-level sensationalism? "We're all going to die if gay marriage is legal!1!!11"

Second is that the government is putting something in bottled water to make people gay. The amount of estrogen levels in the water were clearly used by some people known to this person as Sodom and Gomorrah before anyone knew of what the f*ck estrogen is or how to concentrate it, because you know, science-y things are evil.

I kind of wish there were more of these things, because quite literally, that's some of the dumbest, basement-dweller responses I've ever seen... Wait a minute, aren't I also a basement dweller by definition? sh*t, these baseless assumptions are everywhere!