I may seem pretty calm on the outside, but I've been holding back much rage that has formed inside of me over time. I want to release it, but I might not be able to control it if I let all of it out at once. So, I release some of the rage if someone has angered me enough to allow me to use some of that hidden rage. However, I can't let all of it out at one time, it can become somewhat deadly. I could hurt someone if given the chance. I don't want to hurt anyone all because I lost control of my anger. I keep my rage caged inside unless I really need it, or become extremely angered. This can explain some of how I'm mostly quiet and keep to myself sometimes. I don't want to have something happen that my rage can find its way to escape.. If it does, I'm a totally different person.. But, it takes a lot to get me very angry, so try not to get on my bad side, or you'll be in for a scare..