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Areiku's Journal
Contains Item Lists, Avatar Art, Dedications and Thoughts.
Barton Boutique (Item List)
Barton Boutique
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Alien Mask
Anvil on the Head
Ahhrr!! Hat Set
Ahhrr!! Hat Royal Purple
Bakeneko Facepaint Set
Ballerinas Circlet
Black Skeleton Mask
Bunny Luv
Cat Band
Cat Mask Set
Chicken Mask
Cute Mask Set
Dark Mistress Wig Set
Dashing Mask Set
Deerstalker Hat Set
Doggy Style Headgear Set
Dracula Wig Set
Dramatic Feather Mask Set
E-Corp Trooper Helmet
Elf Hat
Emote Mask Set
Executioner Masque
Eye Patch Set
Feather Headband Set
Freaky Mutant Mask
Galaxy Headset Set
Galaxy Helmet Set
Garbage Mask
Giant Eyeball Set
Gorilla Mask
Ghoul on my Head Set
Goblin Helmet Set
Gravekeeper Hat Set
G-Team Ranger Helmet Set
Headband Set
Hellion Tophat Set
High Tech Receivers
Hipster Brain Cap Set
Island Girl Wig
Kachina Clown Hat
Killer Clown Mask
Lacy Rose Mask Set
Las Rosas De La Catrina Set
Long Bi-Color Costume Wig (Black and Blonde)
Long Bi-Color Costume Wig (Black and Blue)
Long Bi-Color Costume Wig (Black and Green)
Long Bi-Color Costume Wig (Black and Red)
Long Bi-Color Costume Wig (Blonde and Blue)
Long Bi-Color Costume Wig (Blonde and Mint)
Long Bi-Color Costume Wig (Blonde and Pink)
Long Bi-Color Costume Wig (Blonde and Silver)
Low Tech Receivers
Mad Scientist Wig Set
Magic Hat Set
Mantis Mask
Martian Antennas
Misplaced Bolts Set
Monitor Facepaint Set
Morgana's Hat
Mrs. Frankenstein Wig Set
Nut Buster Mask
Nutcracker Prince Cap Set
Pingu Mask
Possessed Diver Helmet Set
Possessed Puppet Mask
Pumpkin-Head Wig Set
Puppy Ears
Raggedy Doll Yarn Wig Set
Rainbow Clown Wig
Raptor Horns Set
Rat Ears
Raven Mask Set
Reindeer Antlers
Santa Baby Cap
Sci-Fi Goggles Set
Sequined Feather Mask Set
Short Bi-Color Costume Wig Set
Silly Hat Set
Snowman Mask
Soft Serve Hat Set
Space Bubble
Space Cadet Helmet Set
Space Girl Helmet Set
SQUID Head Set
Starter Ninja Mask Set
Starter Pirate Bandana Set
Stitched Hat Set
Sugarplum Tiara Set
Sumo Wig
The Fly Mask
The Mistake
The Parrot Set
The Phrankster
The Robot Mask
The Swine Mask
Tsunami KO Classic Cap
Tsunami KO Wig
TV Head
Were Mask
Witchling Hat Set
Wolf Ears
Wulf Headpiece Set


Arrhh!! Coat Set
Ahhrr!! Vest Set
Bakeneko Top Set
Black Skeleton Shirt
Blox Set
Cave Toga
Cave Top
Cybernetic Vagrant Jacket Set
Cybernetic Vagrant Shirt Set
Dark Cape
Dark Elf Corset Set
Dark Tuxedo Coat
DASH Gear Set
Dress of the Swan
E-Corp Trooper Torso Set
Elf Style Shirt
El Vestido Elegante Con Rosas Set
Fairy Cloth
Fairy Wings
Galaxy Suit Set
Ghost Hunter Jumpsuit Set
Gravekeeper Coat Set
G-Team Ranger Bodysuit Set
G-Team Ranger Chestplate Set
Hellion Vest Set
High Elf Bodice Set
High Elf Hood (Obsidian)
High Elf Hood Set
High Elf Robe Set
High Elf Tunic Set
Jolly Jacket
Leather Native Top
Mad Scientist Long Lab Coat Set
Magic Coat Set
Mami Top
Monitor Top Set
Morgana's Dress
Natures tuxedo
Neo-City Top Set
Nut Buster Uniform
Nutcracker Prince Coat Set
Oberon Cape Set
Poncho Set
Possessed Diver Top Set
Raggedy Doll Boy Shirt Set
Raggedy Doll Girl Dress Set
Raptor Top Set
Raven Bodice Set
Reindeer Chest Fur
Retro Astro Top Set
Ripped Leather Jacket Set
Ripped Party Dress Set
Santa Baby Coat
Slashed Jacket Set
Slashed T-Shirt Set
Snowman Suit
Space Cadet Top Set
Space Girl Bikini Top Set
Space Girl Torso Suit Set
Spacey Body Suit Top Set
Starter Bloody Z-Day Shirt
Starter Fantasy Shirt Set
Starter Fantasy Straps Set
Starter Heroine's Dress Set
Starter Hero's Top Set
Starter Ninja Shirt Set
Starter Ninja Tunic Set
Starter Pilotsuit Tank Top Set
Starter Pilotsuit Top Set
Starter Pirate Shirt Set
Starter Pirate Vest Set
Starter Walking Dead T-Shirt Set
Starman Suit Set
Stitched Jacket Set
Str8 Jacket
Sugarplum Bodice Set
Sumo Suit
The Fly Suit
The Gift
The Robot
Titania Blouse Set
Torn Blouse Set
Tsunami KO Classic Coat
Tsunami KO Classic Shirt
Vinyl Lab Apron Set
Wayfarer Tunic Set
Witch Cape
Witchling Dress Set
Wood Elf Corset Set
Wood Elf Vest Set
Wraith Cloak
Young Mrs. Claus' Bustier
Young Mrs. Claus' Flirty Top


Ahhrr!! Britches Set
Bakeneko Bottom Set
Bakeneko Tail Set
Cat Tail
Cat Tail Set
Cave Bottom
Cybernetic Vagrant Pants Set
Dark Elf Leather Pants Set
Dark Elf Skirt Set
Dark Trousers
DASH Pants Set
Doggy Style Tail Set
Elf Style Pants
Galaxy Belt Set
Goblin Overalls Set
Gravekeeper Slacks Set
G-Team Ranger Belt Set
Hellion Bustle Skirt Set
Hellion Slacks Set
High Elf Sash Set
High Elf Skirt Set
Jolly Pants
Large Buckle Belt Set
Leather Native Pants Set
Mami Pants
Monitor Bottom Set
Monitor Tail Set
Neo-City Skirt Set
Nut Buster Pants (Male)
Oberon Pantaloons Set
Possessed Diver Bottom Set
Raggedy Doll Boy Overalls
Raggedy Doll Long Bloomers Set
Raggedy Doll Striped Stockings Set
Raptor Pants
Raptor Tail Set
Rat Tail
Raven Feathered Belt Set
Retro Astro Corset Set
Retro Astro Skirt Set
Retro Astro Stockings Set
Santa Baby Leggings
Satchel Set
Sci-fi CommuBelt Set
Shredded Skirt Set
Skeleton Pants
Slashed Hipster Jeans Set
Space Cadet Leggings Set
Space Girl Wide Skirt Set
Spacey Body Suit Leggings Set
SQUID Pants Set
SQUID Tail Set
Starter Fantasy Loincloth Set
Starter Fantasy Pants Set
Starter Hero's Bottoms Set
Starter Ninja Pants Set
Starter Ninja Tabis Set
Starter Pilotsuit Leggings Set
Starter Pirate Pants Set
Starter Pirate Puffy Pants Set
Starter Pirate Sash Set
Starter Tattered Zombie Jeans
Stitched Pants Set
Str8 Pants
Striped Clown Pants Set
Sugarplum Tutu Set
Titania Skirt Set
Tone Limbs Stockings Set
Tsunami KO Classic Buckle
Tsunami KO Classic Pants
Wood Elf Skirt Set
Wulf Tail Set
Young Mrs. Claus' Flared Skirt
Young Mrs. Claus' Garter


Arrhh!! Boots
Black Skeleton Shoes
Cat Boots
Cat Toes Set
Cave Boots
Clown Shoes Set
Cybernetic Vagrant Boots Set
Dark Elf Thigh Boots Set
Dark Footwear (Male)
DASH Boots Set
Deer Hoof Shoes
Doggy Style Boots Set
E-Corp Trooper Cyber Legs Set
Fairy Shoes
Galaxy Grav Boots Set
Ghost Hunter Utility Boots
G-Team Ranger Boots Set
High Elf Boots Set
Hipster High Tops Set
Jolly Boots
Leather Elf Shoes
Leather Moccasins Set
Lovely Genie Pointed Slippers Set
Mad Scientist Rubber Boots
Mami Feet
Neo-City Heels Set
Pingu Feet
Prince's Boots Set
Raggedy Doll Boy Shoes Set
Raptor Boots Set
Santa Baby Boots
Silly Shoes
Space Cadet Boots Set
Space Girl Boots
Starman Boots Set
Starter Fantasy Boots Set
Starter Heroine's Shoes Set
Stitched Boots Set
Str8 Shoes
Sugarplum Slippers
Titania Sandals Set
Tsunami KO Classic Boots
Wayfarer Boots Set
Were Feet
Wulf Boots
Young Mrs. Claus' Boots


Angel Wings Mask Set
Anti Bite Mask
Automaton Face Set
Bakeneko Ears Set
Bakeneko Eyebrow Whiskers
Bakeneko Fangs
Bakeneko Whiskers
Big White Beard
Black Skeleton Gloves
Bone Mask Set
Blue Tear Clown Makeup
Blush Clown Makeup (high)
Blush Clown Makeup (low)
Buck Teeth
Cat Collar Set
Cat Gloves
Cat Paws Set
Clown Grin Makeup
Clown Nose
Crow's Bill
DASH Arm Guards Set
Doggy Style Gloves Set
Doll Ears
Duck's Beak
E-Corp Trooper Sleeves Set
General's Beard
Ghost Hunter Protective Gloves Set
Goblin Gloves Set
Green Triangles Clown Makeup (high)
Green Triangles Clown Makeup (low)
G-Team Ranger Gloves Set
Happy Raggedy Doll Face Paint
Hellion Mask Set
Homemade Mask Set
Hook Hand
Kachina Clown Body Paint
La Calavera De La Catrina Set
Mad Scientist Rubber Gloves
Mami Hands
Monitor Jaws Set
Morgana's Gloves
Neck Ruffle
Neo-City Gloves Set
Oberon Armlets Set
Parrot's Beak
Pig's Snout
Pink Polkadot Clown Tie
Pirate Patch
Puppy's Mask
Rat Snout
Raven Mask Set
Reindeer Collar
Reindeer Gloves
Reindeer Mask
Sad Raggedy Doll Face Paint
Santa Baby Gloves
Sequined Devil Mask Set
Space Girl Gloves Set
Sparkling Eyes Clown Makeup
Starman Earring Set
Starman Forehead Gem (Flashy)
Starman Neckerchief Set
Starter Fantasy Bracers Set
Starter Ninja Gloves Set
Sugarplum Puff Sleeves Set
Tone Limbs Gloves Set
Transparent Lab Goggles Set
Tsunami KO Classic Gloves
Tsunami KO Classic Mask
Tsunami KO Gold Earring
Wayfarer Bracers Set
Were Claws
White Clown Makeup
Wulf Gloves Set
Wulf Muzzle Set
Young Mrs. Claus' Earrings
Young Mrs. Claus' Gloves
Zorro Mask


Beaker Set
Bronze Automaton Set
Gold Automaton Set
Silver Automaton Set
Covered Silver Tray
Dark Elf Pauldrons Set
E-Corp Trooper Arm Cannon Set
Fairy Wand
Feather Duster Set
Festive Treat Basket
Flask Set
Galaxy Cannon Blaster Set
Galaxy Grenade Set
Galaxy Jet Wings Set
Ghost Hunter Neutron Blaster 2007
H2k13 Jack o' Lantern
Juggling Ball Set
Magician's Wand
Sci-fi Raygun Set
Serving Tray (Black Phone)
Serving Tray (Brandy)
Serving Tray (Red Phone)
Serving Tray (Wine and Rose)
Starter Slightly Gnawed Limb
Starter Zombie Smasher
Test Tube Set
Treat Pail Set
Trick-or-Treat Pail Set
Vaudeville Cane Set
Wayfarer Shoulders Set
Witchling Broom Set
Wizard's Wand

FoxDemonAreiku V2
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FoxDemonAreiku V2
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