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Life, Gaia, Poems, Enchouragment,Support, And Just Me Being Me.

The New blade glided though the air. It cut the drones with ease. Through all the metal... Wiring... Flesh... Skin... Bones... Blood...
I stopped in my tracks. In this war.. im going to have to actually.... Someone with a family... Love.. Compassion... Hate.. Laughter...
"S-Stop." I called out to the drones. They instantly froze and deactivated. I need to go. Leave. SOMEWHERE. I sheathed my blade and left. I... Cant... Actually... I walked. I didnt care at the moment. Walked untill I came across a locked padlock locking the door to the roof. ******** it. I placed my Fingerless gloved hand over the padlock and felt it was unlocked. I took the lock and put it in one of my many pockets, And shut the door behind me leading up to the roof.

The night sky was crisp. Quiet. Chilly. Soft. Calm. I looked at the sky. It was slightly clouded. It was open. Transport Jets flew thousands of feet over head. I glanced at the floor of the roof itsself. Electrified fences surrouned the edge, And split in many sections. It was... Calming. What I needed. I sat down, Leaning againt a metal box. Slowly I felt myself thinking about Jackie again. Her soft, Sometimes fierce eyes. Her soft blue, And deep eyes. Her soft lips. I felt myself blush. That one party.... I smirked a little, Remembering it.

It was a few months ago. Me being the stupid idiot I am, get invited to this one crazy party. and like REALLY crazy. Beer, Champange, cigerattes, Someone was snorting Meth in the bathroom, And me being a little stupid took on a game of spin the bottle. Me, 2 guys, 4 chicks. I struggled to remember them. Emmy... Sarah, Nicole, Megan, And Jackie. Me, James, And Jack. I think. What ever. So... There was this dare to see how wet I could get one of the girls It spun too. And mind you, I had no achohol. Neither did Jackie. Everyone else? Atleast on thier 3rd bottle. At least. So it spun to her. And Lets just say.. Awkard didnt even fit it. So I got as far as kissing her, Before backing out. I mean... I was blushing hard. And I NATURALLY do stupid s**t. But that...? No... Just no. I felt myself laugh, coming back to the real world. I should have taken that chance. That was probably the closest I was to ever getting laid. This war... WAS most likley going to kill me. I sighed and Got up. Then, across the fence, I heard the other door to the roof open.
Speak of the devil. She was underdressed. Just her night clothes, and barefoot. She looked... Like she wanted to scream. Yell. Cry. Everything possible.
"Hey. Remember me?" She turned to me, Searching. I then realized I was in a shadow. I walked into the light. Her expression changed. "I guess you thought I was dead?" I mused.
She shook her head. "Of course. i thought you got yojrself killed doing stupid s**t." I Chuckled. "Almost did. Manytimes." She walked up to the fence and put her hand on it. "HEY DONT! ITS ELECTRIFIED!" I stated in alarm and shock. She started to glow, Then grimiaced as the fence shorted out. "So am I." She mused looking up. "Yeah... kinda forgot." I looked at my new black armoured boots. "You know ypu saved my life before this?" I said, Still looking at my feet. She looked at me. "What?"
"You did. That one time I had broken my arm being stupid? Fighting assholes? Yeah. Everyone else just saw a stupid injured kid, Who deserved it. You saw diffrent. So thanks. If you everneed anything, Or just need to talk. You know where to find me." I left, And headed back down the stairs, Feeling much better than when I had first came to the roof. I went to my room. I slept quiet well that night.

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