Everyone needs a purpose. Some are fortunate enough to find it easily, while others are still searching. What should I do with myself, many ask themselves. Well if you have yet to find your purpose, then your purpose is to find one. Then you can follow that purpose. If you hadn't noticed before, but I am using the word "purpose" a lot. This is only due to a lack of a better term for it. I believe everyone has at least one they should follow. Find people you can confide in and form an unbreakable bond so that nothing can come between you. I'll be honest I myself haven't found my purpose yet. I have also not found a lot of people I can create a bond with. Some would call me a hypocrite, I consider myself an example... those who cannot find their purpose, no matter how simple they may be, will end up like me. I am strange as you well know by now, if you have read my other entries. I will likely almost never find my purpose, and even if I do it will already be too late. I will likely die alone in the world. This ominous world we live in...Hate will consume you and your purpose in life. Also called vengeance... if this is ever an option I ask that you do not follow it. Nothing good of it will come. Nothing will change...and you will be robbed of your purpose in the end. I can 100% guarantee you that it will ruin you and your loved ones. It will not ease your pain, your suffering, or the emptiness inside you. This concludes today's madness. Thank you for reading.