hi buddy, its been a while. lately ive doubted that you'll be able to find my letters or read, but idk i think it helps me to just imagin you listening to me. your probably busy with your life and having things change with or w/o ur concent. i just hope that by the end of the day you'll be able to smile.

i think the last letter i told you about my situation w/darby? i basicly tried to ask her out, just to see whether i liked her or not, and she turns me down. saying she isnt looking for a relationship, she's still hung up for this one guy she's crushed on for a year, and doesnt want anything to get in the way of her career path. now i would think that we would act like nothing happened and still try2 be good friends. instead she's been retreating from me day by day, and it bothers me :L. i caused it, so i did expect it to happen. now i just feel really bad for what ive done >.< really shouldnt tooken anyone elses advice... i was doing great on my own till someone talked me in2 asking her out... idk, we'll see how the quarter'll turn out. im just afraid of being just a memory to her.

few weeks ago, i broke the engagement from my fiance and we're back 2 bf/gf. we were upset bout it, but the only reason i proposed in the beginning was 2 kep her w/me when things where hot btwn our parents. she's still sad now but she's putting up a front to keep herself together. im still going to be with her for sure. ima try the best i can w/this, c how far i can go.

recently droped my calculus too :L couldnt keep up and was failing half way in the quarter, wish i didnt ahve 2 :L but im doin it again in the fall.

been going to this one coffee shop this quarter and lovin it! the food's great, coffee's sweet (+ for me and my sweet tooth), and the company's great smile . all of the interns and owners r friends of mine. we get 2 play ping pong once and a while. im getting better, and last time i came 2 play won 2-1 smile . but whats been creeping me out lately is the store manager. there were occasions where he'd give me a free sandwich (each were really good), insists of carpooling back to renton since he says he lives there, and last week made me coffee w/o me asking. all the times he said i shouldnt have 2 worry bout them. i know he's maried, but my cousin jokes how he likes me. idk what 2 do razz

i really hope your doing well these past days. do you still sing? play the ukulali? draw ur awesome shiz? i really hope you havent change, and if u did it'd b for the better so long as you can live with urself.

- wtphu

PS. I love you