Alright. I mean it this time. I'm over with being down. I'm going to hold that love crap on for a year, and study.
For what?
Well, I've decided that I'm going to spend my sophomore year studying the Korean language, (yesyes, and school, of course) and searching for my Grandmother. Why? I want to start over somewhere else, where the society isn't as bad. Where the generation is still good. Where even if I hate the cold, I love cardigans and sweaters. I am also Korean, so I think this would be good for me. But I have to study hard. My mother doesn't have time to teach me Korean, so I have to self-study. A LOT. And I have church. So much too do....
Though, my mother lost contact with her mom. That's why I have to search for her. She lost contact with auntie, and her other sisters and brothers. Also next year, I'm going to be doing a People to People Ambassador program. I'll be going to Australia, New Zealand, and fiji. Funny, I studied about New Zealand in 8th grade for a world geo project. LOL. But I have no idea what fiji is, and I refuse to look it up for a while. Maybe I wanna be surprised. I'm not entirely sure if I'm going either. It costs a lot of money, and also, i missed my meeting to find more about it. There's an online meeting tomorrow at 4, but I won't be home until 6... oooh man. I'll call them. hmm..

Ah! Since I'm doing that, I might as well give the address. I had a mail sent to me about it. I got it before a while back, but I didn't go. Haha. I'm getting all this planned, but I still don't know what to do when i grow up; cooking or making music.
i don't cook much, but I do love how everything i make always turned out 80% tasty. i loveeee food. and I also love playing the piano and guitar... I have a violin but I'm not good at it..... Hmmm..