I am a master when it comes to procrastinating. I will find a way to distract myself from doing something whether it's on purpose or subconsciously. It's like my body like's making me freak out on the last minute. My procrastination got really bad during my senior year of high school. I guess it was just a part of senioritis.
I'm also currently procrastinating by writing this journal entry. And after this entry is done, they'll probably still be like ten other things that I feel like I need to do before doing my actual work. There is absolutely no way to cure this. I've tried. Basically my brain feels that if it's not urgent enough then it's not important enough. Dammit brain, you're screwing me over here. *sigh*
Well I'm going to log off right now and attempt to do my work. (And by logging off of gaia I'll probably head over to tumblr...)