Kimaya by the time you read this we'll be back from a-cen and I'll be over this but right at this moment I am angry with you.

I understand all the anger you been feeling today and I took it in stride, I know you had to do all this s**t for your sister, after all blood runs thicker than water. However as I lay on the bed and your waiting for some guy all I can feel is rage build up inside as I see the time getting later and later. There are few things that I loved in my life for far

My family
Marshal (and he broke my heart)
and A-cen.

A-cen is the only time that I have ever felt that I truely belonged somewhere. This year it was going to just me with no family and I longed for it. To get a taste of not having to tell someone where I'm going to be and just do what I want.
You get to live away from your family so know or at least get a idea of what it feels like.
Here I am now, in your room as you wait for a boy and Im missing the most of the 4 treasured days of my life so far. I know its not your fault, but the fact that you seem to show no remorse or rahter worry or concern on even getting there to enjoy the first day just makes me angry inside. Not that your not in a rush to get there, but the fact that this was the world to me and I am still here and not
the once place, the only place I have EVER felt that I belonged. Nothing can get back the time I missed with that freedom and I feel jipped out of my money on some of the hotel room that I didn't spend in for that 1 day. I try my best to defend anything my parents have to say about you, but its when something like this happens is when they win the arguement.

Thats why I won't tell them
Thats why I'll get yelled at for not answer the cell to avoid lying

but this is why they are right. Your my best friend and still are, I'll still stand by your side when you need me, but its moments like this that break my heart and I have to remind myself of the times you have apologized and it moved me.

As I type this I do feel a little better, but its pointless to ask you to not do it again because you will...and I'll forgive you because I am your friend, and what is a friend but someone who is willing to forgive the other and try to be understanding.

Friends are the family we choose and Id never ask you to leave my family.