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Kaoru and I
Just some of Kaoru's and I's adventures~
After that, life continued normally until summer break began. It was early morning when Tamaki frantically called Hikaru to tell the two that Haruhi had gone missing. After that, the crew had gone out to stay with Haruhi at the inn where she was working her summer job. There they discovered there was only one room available, and they had to compete for it. In the end, Hikaru and Kaoru were able to win with their famous brotherly love. After these events, Haurhi's old classmate appears, stirring up a lot of trouble and unknown feelings for Hikaru. Kaoru has to apologize for Hikaru's rash behavior, suggesting taking Haurhi on a date to make up for it. Kaoru pretends to be sick to have Hikaru go in his place, knowing his brother must have feelings for Haruhi. The Host Club secretly trail him for a while before going back to the inn. A thunder storm strikes and Hikaru runs off leaving Haruhi. He eventually realizes what he's done and seeks her out. When the two return, Kaoru's happy to see it looks like things went well. It hurts, but he knows this is what's best for Hikaru.

When Hikaru comes into their shared inn room, Kaoru is already in bed with the lights off. "Kaoru...?" Hikaru whispers into the darkness, shutting the door behind him. Kaoru reluctantly turns over. "Yeah..?"
"Why'd you make me do that..." He makes his way over to the bed, pulling his clothes off.
Kaoru slowly sat up. "Hikaru... I know you don't realize it... But you like Haurhi."
Hikaru stops with his hand on his boxers. "No way."
Kaoru looked at his brother, his pale skin reflected in the moonlight. This was hurting a lot worse than he thought it would. "There's no other explanation for your behavior lately..."
Hikaru crawled into the bed and wrapped his arms around Kaoru, holding him tightly against his chest. "I only love you..."
Kaoru shakes slightly in his arms, he can feel warm tears on his chest.
Kaoru jerks his head up and looks up at Hikaru, tears slowly sliding down his face. "Hikaru, we can't be together and I know you like her, please..."
Hikaru's chest tightens. "Don't say that, Kaoru..." He brushes his tears away gently.
"I love you, Hikaru... But we can't do this..." Kaoru squeezed his eyes shut as more tears leaked out.
Hikaru pushed him down onto the bed, pinning his wrists. "I love you, Kaoru and I'll do whatever it takes to be with you... I don't like Haurhi like that... She means nothing to me."
Kaoru's eyes widened. "I know you like her though..." More tears welled up in his eyes.
"You are the only one I want to be with, please stop thinking that..." He leaned in slowly and pressed his lips gently to his brother's. Outside the wind howled as lightening struck, illuminating the two in white light for a moment. Hikaru pulled away taking his brother hand in his as thunder shook the old building. "Stop pushing me away..." He kissed his hand gently, closing his eyes.
Kaoru blushed slightly. "Please only look at me then..."
Hikaru responded by leaning down and kissing his brother again, but deeper.
When they parted, Hikaru moved his hand down to Kaoru's pajama pants.
"Hikaru... It's not good if you can only look at people as play things though... You need to realize other people have feelings too..."
"I only care about you, Kaoru..." Hikaru began pulling his pants down.
"It can't just be you and me in our own world forever... You need to care about other people..." Kaoru reached up and placed his hand on his brother's cheek.
"Maybe..." He sighed as he released his brother's hand. "I will only ever love you though."
Kaoru looked up at him and smiled, his eyes glossy. "Ok."
Lightening flashed again outside as Kaoru sat up and kissed his twin.

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Naoto P Hitachiin
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Jun 26, 2013 @ 07:42pm
best so far

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