Now I know, Now I realize
These are hard times
We cant fight them on our own...

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XXXX Where: EDGE city streets.
XXXXXX What: Getting familiar with his surroundings.
XXXXXXXX Who: Strangers.

                                                      It was easy, eerily easy, to doze off while sprawled out in the bed of that old truck. It seemed the bumps and vibrations of the compact little utility vehicle did anything but daze the spikey-haired stranger who'd hitched a ride, with the driver's permission of course. But the man found comfort in the droaning of the heftly little engine, the tires upon the miles of road, the wind whipping past his ears, it was hard not to fall asleep. The familiar sensations and easily dismissed noises brought him comfort, like returning home.
                                                      But his dreams knew better, this world was not his home. His home was with her, beyond the limits of this life... why had he been returned to such an existence? Was there something more in store for him? A grand mission, to save the lives of so many as he had before. No he could not recall the details, simply that by taking lives with that mighty blade of his, he'd saved so many more, this truth was undeniably etched into his very essence. He was SOLDIER, and he carried that title of honor for every ounce it was worth... but now, it seemed he was destined to fight again. Why? Who?
                                                      "Oy... Oy, you alive?" A raspy, older man's voice called from beyond the abstract and otherworldly ambiance of his dreams, his nightmares, and lured him once more into reality. Eyes fluttered as the man seemed to stammer slightly. The cool, calm blue glow of his eyes taking him by surprise. "Christ! Son, how the hell did'ja get eyes like that?!" the old man asked, worry obvious upon his face. However the man simply smiled a proud smirk as he lifted his feet up into the air, kicking them upwards as he tossed his full weight into the air, landing upon his feet in a low compact squat, staring the driver there in the face. The vehicle had come to a stop without his noticing in some small little town, practically in shambles... the unmistakeable ruins of the Great city of Midgar not far away. Still, it seemed his attention was directed more towards his generous escort. He didn't want to seem rude or ungrateful.
                                                      "Eyes infused with Mako energy. A SOLDIER trademark. Color of the sky, right? I know, I get that a lot." He chuckled proudly, reaching for the grip of his sword as he lifted it gingerly, careful to plant it upon his shoulder before dismounting the back of the old man's truck. "Thanks again, old-man!" he voiced eagerly, administering a polite bow and a bright smile. "Remember, if you ever need anything, you know how to reach me!"
                                                      The old man nodded, arching a brow. Zack had offered his protective services to the old man, should he ever end up in any kind of trouble, but skeptical, he pondered just what he could possibly get into that would warrant the assistance of a vagabond like him. "Sure... just take care of yourself! Good luck to you..." he muttered, climbing back into the cab of his truck before continuing on down the road just out of sight.
                                                      He'd been standing in his place for no longer than a few moments before something in the back of his mind screamed at him. Some nostalgic surge in the pit of his stomach which urged his instincts to believe that something was not right in this sleepy town. Slowly, his head pivoted over his shoulder, scanning the faces of those around him, taking in each one carefully until finally, the spectical played out before him; A man assaulting a child with a potent thunder spell... a boy who hardly resembled a threat to the man at all. Just what could have instigated such an act?! Well there was no real time to think it over, he had to act, this was his forte after all.
                                                      Sprinting into action, he closed the distance between he and the boy, managing to arrive at the boy's side just in time to break his fall slightly, allowing his limp, paralyzed body to collide softly with his torso as he wrapped one arm around him. The dark, spikey haired stranger hesitated for a moment, as if to ensure the boy was even still alive before turning his full attention to the perpetrator.
                                                      "So... You want to explain yourself, or should I just jump right to the whole 'pick on somebody your own size' bit?"

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...But I wont lie, I'm not satisfied.
Who will save Tomorrow?

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