havent had anything to write in awhile.... and google chrome is being a tard and saying this page isnt loading when its loading fine.if only it would stop popping up with the kill page thing when the damn page is working fine. sure it lags a bit when im typing but not enough for it to have to come up with the damn kill page thing. all that does is lag it more and it pisses me off. and it only does this on the slow computer.

but thats not what i wanted to write anyway! its just that im on the slow compy now and thats what its doing...

YESTERDAY WAS THE BEST WEDNESDAY EVER!!!!!! WOOOOO LITTLE KIDS!!!! in the morning usually go to school for yuuki and stuff (dont ask) but i dont have any classes so instead i got to kid sit Aiden, a little 9 year old boy in the co-op. hes a special needs child who got suspended for his school temporarily for trying to go out a first floor window while having a rage fit... or something. i dont know. hes not all that bad though. hes fun to hang out with and like beyblades and minecraft and he talks A LOT. i swear he didnt want to shut up XD hes a good kid overall XD fun kid too. then after i went to school and sat in boring communications for 80 minutes XP i thought i was gonna fall asleep cause i was tired from dealing with aidens hyper active dog... but meh. i like dogs. XD after class i when to shilos house to check and see if matt emailed aboput his CDs yet biggrin AMG I CANT WAAAIIITTTTTTT but the deadline for donations was moved till the 31st so no emails D: then little nekotas mom (YAY CAILEN!!) asked shilo to kid sit sophia while she took cailen to baseball or something. since shilo couldnt do it i got to and me, konata and sophia mobbed to 7 11 and got chips and pop and sat at the park for 2 hours XD then i had to eat dinner.... THEN MORE LITTLE KIDS!! we have a new friend now. i dont think he lives in the co op but meh. his name is Eli (i dont think i spelled that right...) and hes pretty cool XD we all hung out at co op park and played tag and stuff till 7 30. then i sat up till 11 pm drawing aiden and stuff. ima post it on DA. the link to the pic is here --> http://yuukisolo808.deviantart.com/art/LET-IT-RIP-371974534?ga_submit_new=10%3A1368720834

so yeah and stuff. best wednesday EVER!!! its not often i get to hang out with the small children for that much of a day XD. ALMOST THE WHOLE DAY!!!! WOOO!!!!!!!