The human mind is the very thing we humans have yet to fully understand. Why we fight, why we kill, why we destroy. We humans are the most advanced species on Earth and yet, we are the most screwed up. Countries fight daily, for power that they could not handle. People murder in cold blood over petty things. Peace is also a hot topic on this god-forsaken planet. Though it's just a false illusion created by the weak minded beings of this planet.

I wish all the time that I wasn't born a pitiful human, but alas, I wasn't so fortunate. Though this race isn't as bad as I'm letting on. We are persistent, fairly unkillable and very adaptable. When faced with a problem we fix it...

At least that's how it used to be... Now we've become corrupt, evil, and so screwed that we kill over very petty things.

((To Be Continued...))