Sorry I haven't been writing recently. I've had a lot of things going on in my mind. usually, this encourages me to create entries, but I just couldn't find the effort, y'know? Anyways, a few days ago, something rather interesting happened.

As you probably should know before I continue, I own a cat.

A few summers ago, laying in bed, I heard a series of meows from outside my window. My bedroom was, and still is, located on the second floor of my house, so outdoor sounds were often dulled by distance. My window also happened to be facing towards my backyard, which had, and still has, a deck. I pinpointed the meows to a cat directly below my bedroom window.

At this time, I wrote in my paper journal. I tried sketching the cat, but what can I say? I don't have a gift for drawing realistically.

I headed to the dining room, located on the main floor (below the second floor). the dining room had a window that revealed the same world my bedroom window did; the backyard. There, just outside the window, was a tabby cat of brown, white, and black.

I called my brother up, who wasn't sleeping in the first place. My brother and I aren't on great terms -- we never were -- but our mutual love for animals kept our relationship intact. He and I decided to let the cat in. Why? Because cats are kind of cute.

Then I called my sister, because we needed help keeping it from going upstairs. At the time, it was late at night, a few hours past midnight, and my parents were still sleeping.

After that, I called my other brother. The four of us watched the cat for some time before releasing it.

Then morning came. Three days passed and we decided to keep the cat.

It was a stray cat, yes, but it wasn't ever legally registered. Plus, it doesn't seem to remember its former owners anyways.

Thinking back, it wasn't really a choice to keep it either. We fed the cat once, ONCE, and it never left.

Living where I am, even though it was supposed to be summer, we had probably around 5 to 10 hailstorms within that month. We used this as an excuse to let the cat in.

Aaaanyways, we ended up naming the cat Skittles because... actually, I don't even know why. A year or two has passed since then, and just a few days ago, Skittles decided to do something out of the ordinary.

He brought a bird.

A small bird, really. It was brown. Mainly light brown, but dotted with darker spots along the wings, and it's belly was an even lighter brown. A very small, well-developed bird.

I don't have those kinds of birds near my house. I have robins. I have no idea where Skittles got his bird.

Anyways, back to the story. I was setting up my family's XBox to play Persona 4 Arena. I was seated in the living room, which also had a window that faced the backyard. Through that window, I saw Skittles returning home with something brown in its mouth. Given that it was brown and had twigs in it, I thought it was dirt. I wondered why Skittles was carrying dirt. I headed to the back door, where Skittles saw me, and stared in horror as I realized what Skittles had done.

The poor bird, helpless beyond repair, was desperately trying to escape from Skittles. What really got to me was how the bird WASN'T dead. It was dying. And suffering.

The sight made me cringe. I ended up calling my sister, who screamed unbelievably loud and ran away. I should've let Skittles in and rescue the bird. I was kind of scared of Skittles at the time, though, and the bird was past saving. I feel kind of guilty for not having eased the bird's pain. It's like a little grudge against myself.

Um... wellup, I haven't anything more to say right now. I've got homework to attend to, so until next time!

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