I'm hidden in the shadows, unnoticed by others. I'm hidden in my own little world, while others are in their own worlds. Here, in my little place of peace an quiet, I can be away from drama, and other things that would bother me. No on will bother me, or cause me problems in my little place in the shadows. I will only come out to help a friend in need, or someone who needs my help. Other than that, I will be in my place in the shadows, hidden away. My shadows, my place of peace and quiet, is all I need to be happy for a while. Some say that I isolate myself, no, for I am just getting away from things I don't feel like dealing with, unless I am most needed. So, if you need me in a time of need, I will be hidden among my shadows, waiting for someone who needs my help, or just help in general. I will happily lend a helping hand, even if hardly anyone notices me, to a person in need. So, do take notice of those who are never really noticed by some..