I don’t want to grow up, I like being a teenager. Call me childish, but I enjoy my current age. Maybe even a few ages earlier. I think I will forever be a teenager at heart no matter how old I grow to be. Sure, I feel myself maturing every year, but I know I’ll always be a teenager.
The fact is, that I'm a bit afraid of the real world. Not being a teenager means that I'll have to be on my own. It's a little frightening. Scratch that, a lot. Being a teenager means that I have a bit freedom and yet at the same a not too much responsibility.
Sometimes I wish I was a kid again where the most difficult choice I could make is what color crayon I want to use. As a child I remember wanting to grow up. Now, as a young adult, I yearn for those childhood moments. Seems like there's no winning for me huh?
You never really know what you've got until it's gone.